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Quick Reporting partially broken?


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I received 2 Quick Reporting confirmation emails from this morning's reports. One was normal, showing who was notified, the racker, what items were devnulled, etc.

The second report was disturbing. All it contained were the tracker, the spam title and who it was from: no confirmation data at all. When I opened the trackers, the system treated them as though I had selected Full Reporting from the manual reporting page: it parsed the spam for source and, where possible, the spamvertised sites, as though the items were not previously processed at all. It was made more disturbing in that it was a long report, about 25-30 spams. I can post a sample from it if anyone is curious.

I received a brief report like this back last week when the strange problem with dozens of Quick Reporting emails was going on and reported it to the Deputies, as I did with this one. No response as yet.

Has anyone else received incomplete Quick Reporting emails?



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