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Are my reports added to the "blacklist"


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I registered before the choice to be a "mole" or not.

So all my reports are send to the ISP where the spam originated.

BUT, will my reports ALSO be added to the "blacklist" when I report,

or do I need to re-register as a "mole" only to contribute to the "blacklist"

The reason I ask is that my ISP now filters spam using the SpamCop blacklist,

and then it seems strange that I still get spam from sender I report back (they should be added to the blacklist and then be filtered out in the future right).

But if my reports are only send the the senders "abuse" handling and NOT added to the SpamCop blacklist it would make sense. Anyone know the exact routines?

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Hi, Lars-Erik!

...You may want to have a look at Wazoo's reply to "Why do you block cybercity.dk" and above.

...The short answer, IIUC, is that:

  • just one report (from you) will not cause an IP address to be added to the blocklist
  • the formula for determining whether to add an IP address to the blocklist is complex
  • you may be receiving spam from "sender [you] report back" but that is coming from different IP addresses

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