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New recipient limit in webmail

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Recently spammers have been gaining access to SpamCop e-mail accounts and thousands of messages out through Webmail. These spam runs have caused ISPs to temporarily block and delay messages from us, as many of you have noticed.

To limit the influence of these spam runs, yesterday we added a 30 recipient limit to e-mails sent via Webmail -- that is, no one message can be addressed to more than 30 people. If you need to send to more than 30 addresses and cannot break the list into batches of 30, please use a stand-alone e-mail client instead of Webmail.

Our inbound (IMAP/POP) server address is 'mail.spamcop.net' and our outbound (SMTP) server address is 'smtp.cesmail.net'. Both servers require authentication. Your username is your full SpamCop e-mail address, including the '[at]spamcop.net' domain.

We recommend Thunderbird as a stand-alone client. You will most likely find that it is easier to manage mailing lists offline, and your will have better control over backing up your contact list. Webmail should not be considered a safe storage medium for large contact lists.

We are also looking into alternative ways to restrict spammers so we can eventually raise this per-message limit.


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