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  2. I use three mail services. Gmail, Roadrunner and my self-hosted accounts for our domain,, at Stablehost. Effectively now, none of them are allowing email submissions to my submit @ spamcop address. They either get dumped without response (Roadrunner) or not sent due to spam content at Gmail and Stablehost. Gmail was getting through but now they've tightened things up. Stablehost says they have no good way of whitelisting spamcop for outbound mail. This will effectively end my Spamcop reporting unless I can find a solution. No I am NOT going to cut & paste spam emails. I MIGHT be able to host a mail exchanger on my home computer (Spectrum cable internet) with Dynamic DNS but I'm not sure how that would work. Any suggestions before I pull the plug on reporting?
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  4. tag removed, warned, blocked and post moved from "How to use"
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  6. I'm in New Zealand - the last time I added fuel (also via PayPal), it took a little while, but it did turn up.
  7. I'm in Australia last time I added fuel (paypal) found patience and it came through. Used to be instant?
  8. That could be true.
  9. today reporting is back to normal, the missing field for an additional reporting address is back. I wonder whether yesterdays issues could be related to "Add fuel to your account" which is not easy to do for someone living outside the us.
  10. OK you know the drill, you are better than SpamCop, Keep up the attack,
  11. I got that (I don't want to send anything to google) but there was no option to send a report to who is the registrar for as the field to enter, that I used so far, was missing today.
  12. I try to be better than SC and would add Botnet abuse address (if any) to report [moov [at]] BOTNET SEE SEE ALSO CisCo sites REPUTATION IP LOOKUP If Microsoft Windows Defender is available to your customers, they need to use it! THEN Change Password >
  13. Yes report was sent to the email server that sent it. Google have disabled SpamCop reports to them, you can send one from your email account though.
  14. I currently have no unreported spam but if I remember right the notes area is present, but before today there was an additional field where I could enter one more e-mail address to send a spam report to that all of a sudden disappeared today.
  15. is this the tracking URL you are asking for?
  16. From a Submit screen just now: Report spam to: Re: (Administrator of network where email originates) To: abuse@xxx (Notes) Re: User Notification (Notes) To: Additional notes TumbleWeed do you not see "Re: User Notification" with the box to enter the TO: email address?
  17. While I look into these issues, could you provide a Tracking URL we everyone can see all of the parser's actions?
  18. I'm a bit lost in the wealth of forums here and hope this is the right forum for this issue. Most of the spam I get includes something similar to: Resolving link obfuscation Percent unescape: Percent unescape: spamcop obviously doesn't get the part and google doesn't want to know about the abuse of it's search, so I used to look up the Abuse Contact Email:, which is for this recurring example, to send a copy of the spam report to. Starting today it is not possible to send a copy of the spam report to anybody any more as that option doesn't exist any more. First I would find it very helpfull if the parser at spamcop was able to extract those embedded domains and second I wonder why I can not send a copy of reports to anybody any more. I did not see an announcement that this function is disabled but I might have missed it.
  19. That's why, whenever possible, I take the X-Originating-IP address and replace it with NTT's and then report the email again.
  20. SC will often stop at a mail server, as if in doubt it won't report, but you can take over
  21. When SC get's a bounce it won't report for "X"(?) amount of time
  22. I don't know what's changed but the issue has been fixed.
  23. So if the spam you are submitting to SC gets to the parser, please provide a Tracking URL so that others can see what is happening. Without some real information, all others can do is guess at what the problem is you are experiencing. Something has changed with your reporting path not affecting others. One of the tools you use to submit email has changed/upgraded or something your ISP uses has been changed, upgraded or reconfigured to affect your email submitting path.
  24. Yes, the e-mail is working. No, the spam filters don't catch the e-mais from Spamcop. They don't catch even much of the spam I am actually trying to report via Spamcop.
  25. SC NEVER picks X-Originating-IP up in emails. I almost always (99% of the time) have to re-report the emails and replace the 1st IP address with the IP in the X-Originating-IP field so it goes to that respective ISP. Steve
  26. Japanese have little English skills and tend to turn off malware programs like windows defender because it "nags" them X-Originating-IP: [] Etisalat Benin SA (SpamCop didn't pickup) in notes I put compromised/forged web and or email accounts If Microsoft Windows Defender is available to you, use it Scan for Malware! THEN Change log-on to a more secure password-Phrase! > SpamCop reports to mail server abuse (at) Other hosts in this "neighborhood" with spam reports
  27. Then why haven't they stopped all spam yet despite the hundreds if not thousands of reports sent?
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