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  1. Apparently this is due to SpamCop thinking the empty header means it was a bounce and doesn't trust anything in the body after that point. Here is another forum post that seems to describe it. http://forum.spamcop.net/topic/45027-linsk-are-not-parsed-when-return-path-is-empty/
  2. gnarlymarley

    Unable to report particular spam

    Yes. I missed that last time. The "Mailhost configuration problem" and "No source IP address found" indicate that the email does not match your mailhosts. My first thoughts are that this either came from a different account or else secureserver.net is removing their received lines from the email. If this came from a different account, then you will need to go to mail hosts and click add for that email address. If this came from a secureserver account, then the only way you can get the spammers IP is to acquire the server logs from secureserver.net. RFC5321 explains this well in section 3.7.2, where your ISP should be adding that line so you have the IP that sent the email.
  3. gnarlymarley

    Unable to report particular spam

    It maybe that your mailhosts has both carrierzone and outlook.com/hotmail.com. If so, it could note the received lines as good, even when they are not. I went in and deleted the accounts I no longer use off my mailhosts and it solved it for me. Also, a tracking URL makes it easier to read.
  4. From what I understand SpamCop mailhosts only finds out about changes in mailhosts by someone resumitting a mailhosts test. I think you should be able just resubmit when you need to add a new internal server. Probably best to delete in this case because my mailhosts appear to be linked to others and it would be good to have a new fresh section for Office365, but you said you had tried that. Maybe deleting and giving it a new name?
  5. gnarlymarley

    Windows Mail in Win 10

    I believe "SpamCop encountered errors" indicates a problem parsing the attachment. Are you attaching more then one email attachment as SpamCop can accept more than one? Might need to make sure your attachment does not have any blank lines above the headers. Some mail programs change the line endings so you get extra blank line or no blank lines in the source. Also will need to check that the first blank line is between the headers and the body.
  6. gnarlymarley

    Eonix.net helping spammers?

    I don't see Eonix traffic for some reason, so I am not able to test this and it will probably need some modification. But something like this spamassassin rule, which was built using the above criteria, should work for you. header RULENAME1 X-spam-Relays-Untrusted =~ /^[^\]+ ip=50\.[23]\./i header RULENAME2 Received =~ /BestWebHosting\.com/i header RULENAME3 From =~ /BestWebHosting\.com/i meta RULENAME RULENAME1 || RULENAME2 || RULENAME3 score RULENAME 1.5
  7. gnarlymarley

    Mail forwarding broken?

    That will probably take a while as there are a lot of pages out there. I think some of the volunteers use to fix the pages before they died.
  8. I get emails from a different google accounts. They change to a new address after about thirty report.
  9. gnarlymarley

    Mail forwarding broken?

    Looks like both domains are gone as I get a nxdomain response to the look ups. http://forum.spamcop.net/topic/9519-sendmail-woes/?tab=comments#comment-154703 This may be why: http://forum.spamcop.net/topic/14277-cesmail-system-changes/
  10. gnarlymarley

    Mail forwarding broken?

    I don't use the CES email forwarding either. I use deputies[at]admin[dot]spamcop[dot]net to get a deputy.
  11. gnarlymarley

    SPAMCOP BREACH? Attn: Admin

    I don't seem to be affected on my email address that I used to sign up for SpamCop. I also do not use edge.
  12. gnarlymarley

    New storm?

    I have seen this lately when the spammer is using the same provider as one of my mailhosts. I just go and delete the related mailhost, submit and then I can put it back on. Annoying when the spammers start sending me spam from the providers I use . Mailhost configuration problem, identified internal IP as source
  13. Do you have a tracking URL? I show abuse@gtt.net as the reporting address when I try a look up. Parsing input: More Information. Reporting addresses: abuse@gtt.net
  14. About 20 years ago, some of the sites would have a selected checkbox that there they would "share your address with third party companies". Though I am not sure if they are still using such a checkbox upon sign up, maybe the practice is still going on? If the places where you did share your addresses are not sharing it, then I would have to believe they were compromised.
  15. Some SMTP mailers could try to send it to the A record if no MX. But then it appears there is no A record either. C:\>nslookup confiraseusdescontosepontos.com Server: Address: ** server can't find confiraseusdescontosepontos.com: NXDOMAIN C:\>