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  1. I think the 550 error is a definite resend. For the 452 error, I only seem to get one auto-reply after I resend it. For me, copying the same exact email has failed up to two times. It will go through on the second or third time.
  2. Nope. I get those too at random. Seems to be intermittent. I tried different items on the form and the input didn't change anything.
  3. I think the web-gmail block only sends the email from that address to the spam folder. I have one that keeps coming in to my spam folder even though it is listed as blocked.
  4. I think if it gets marked enough times, then gmail will block it at the SMTP level. (At least, that is what I have seen from my experience. I am sure functionality is subject to change.)
  5. My installation of SA has three locations for email. First is inbox, second is spam folder, and third is smtp rejected with a copy left in /var/spool/exim/SApermreject/new.
  6. Nope, not resolved. I just got the error on both the reporting side as well as on the forum. Can't send report: smtpEnvelope (7138577992.fd796f66@bounces.spamcop.net, alain.diby@mtn.ci): smtpFrom: mail From 7138577992.fd796f66@bounces.spamcop.net: error (452 #4.3.1 temporary system error (12) ) Forum.spamcop.net: An error occurred (500 Error) We're sorry, but a temporary technical error has occurred which means we cannot display this site right now. php_network_getaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: Name or service not known You can try again by clicking the button below, or try again later. Try again
  7. This is in part why I own my own mail server and use spamassassin. Then I built my own rules to look for certain combined key phrases and block those. Now no matter if they change ISP's, only those emails get blocked. (This also allows good honest emails to come from those IP addresses if they were able to send any.)
  8. seems to be related to forum post http://forum.spamcop.net/topic/46657-server-error/.
  9. Is this resolved? I don't think I have seen this for a two or three days now.
  10. I had heard back from the deputies that this has been intermittent for a few weeks. Hopefully they can find the issue if not already found.
  11. Perrrin, I don't have access to get the reports, but I will add to RobiBue's suggestions. I don't like admins who claim your IP is being blocked by SC, but is only being blocked by those admins. Also could be possible that you inherited an IP that was previously sending bulk email or are shared with someone who currently is. If your IP is showing up on the blocklist, you may want to check for hacked IP cameras or routers that hide behind that same IP and fix/update their firmware.
  12. Maybe of help to those to need to fix it, but on previous days I only got the message if I put something in the comments. Today, I get it if I don't add any comments. I think it rules out comments as to the cause of the issue.
  13. I think this might be related to this post: http://forum.spamcop.net/topic/25229-invalid-certificate-of-forumspamcopnet/
  14. I occasionally get this too. Can't send report: smtpEnvelope (7137066052.937f7456@bounces.spamcop.net, abuse@telmexla.net.co): smtpFrom: mail From 7137066052.937f7456@bounces.spamcop.net: error (452 #4.3.1 temporary system error (12) ) Seems to have started for me about the same time that others started reporting proxy server messages: http://forum.spamcop.net/topic/46641-anyone-getting-gateway-timeout/
  15. Intermittent issues are always interesting to troubleshoot because it sometimes works.
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