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  1. jstuckle

    Message age not appearing

    Hi, Steve, I wasn't ignoring you - I just wanted to give a representative a chance to respond. But no one has, so I took your suggestion and emailed them directly. Thanks for the advice. Jerry
  2. Until recently, SpamCop displayed the age of the message ("Message is x hours old"). This no longer appears in the simple output, although it is available when you request the full technical details. I found this message helpful and would like to see it back in the simple output; Having to look through the full technical details is time cosuming. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the quick response, Don!
  4. I'm having the same problem here, and nothing in my email server logs stands out. What would be a big help is information on the bounce message - contents, date/time, etc. Almost anything more than what we get would help.
  5. jstuckle

    email submission

    To quote Col. Potter, "Horse Hockey". How does spending over 1.5 hours/day mean higher quality? They would be the exact same emails I would submit if I did not have to confirm every one. I'm just not going to waste my time doing it. It doesn't help me at all - SpamAssassin has already handled the messages. It would only help others. As for reporting my own email provider as a source of spam - only if they were spamming. I'm smart enough to read the headers and tell if someone tried to forge my address or not. As for my comment - I was referring to the QUALITY of SPAMCOP. That is - accurate reporting of servers. If no one submitted anything, there wouldn't be any servers listed in error. I guess in your book that's good quality. But there wouldn't be anyone blacklisted at all, would there? More (accurate) submissions mean higher quality. But I don't need to defend myself. I brought up a suggestion which would make it easier to submit spam. You don't like it, fine. That's your choice. I actually don't need SpamCop any more; as I indicated, my SpamAssassin is catching > 95% with no false positives. The SpamCop blacklist only gets about 80-85%. Jerry
  6. jstuckle

    email submission

    Quality is not the question. I only submit spam - not everything which comes in. But the way the current process works, I don't submit 95% of the spam I receive, either. And not all have been flagged by SpamCop. Jerry
  7. jstuckle

    email submission

    I understand the confirmation is important - but it causes me a lot of trouble and lost time. I get > 100 SPAMs a day. 95% of them are caught by SpamAssassin, but a few aren't. For instance - this morning I had 102 SPAMs detected by SpamAssassin, and 6 which weren't. Basically, I just forward the ones which SpamAssassin misses. I don't have time to sit and confirm > 100 emails a day, at an average of one minute apiece. So, this morning I forwarded 6 SPAMs and trashed the other 102. While the email submission is great, I wish there were a way to do it without the confirmation - I would submit a lot more spam. I wonder how many others don't report their spam because of the time it takes? Jerry