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[Resolved] No reporting address found for : nomaster[at]devnull.spamcop.net

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inetnum: -
netname:		NETHOUSE
descr:		  NETHOUSE S.p.A.
country:		IT
admin-c:		CM901-RIPE
tech-c:		 FM749-RIPE
status:		 ASSIGNED PA
mnt-by:		 NETHOUSE-MNT
changed:		hostmaster[at]ripe.net 20000526
changed:		ripe-dbm[at]ripe.net 20040429
source:		 RIPE

person:		 Carlo Montrucchio
address:		Lo Zodiaco di Montrucchio Carlo & C. S.A.S.
address:		Via Fanti 17
address:		I-10100 Torino
address:		Italy
phone:		  +39 011 5187205
fax-no:		 +39 011 5187205
e-mail:		 carlo.montrucchio[at]nethouse.it
nic-hdl:		CM901-RIPE
changed:		hostmaster[at]nic.it 20000403
changed:		hostmaster[at]nic.it 20000408
source:		 RIPE

person:		 Fabio Montrucchio
address:		NETHOUSE S.p.A.
address:		C.so Re Umberto I, 57
address:		I- 10128 Torino
address:		Italy
phone:		  +39 011 227227
fax-no:		 +39 011 227228
e-mail:		 fabio.montrucchio[at]nethouse.it
nic-hdl:		FM749-RIPE
changed:		hostmaster[at]nic.it 20000621
changed:		hostmaster[at]nic.it 20000629
source:		 RIPE

descr:		  NETHOUSE SRL
origin:		 AS16141
mnt-by:		 NETHOUSE-MNT
changed:		fabio.montrucchio[at]nethouse.it 20010108
source:		 RIPE

Original was fabio.montrucchio[at]nethouse.it carlo.montrucchio[at]nethouse.it but a cache refresh removed them.

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