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Stuck in a mail loop I think

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I hope you folks might have an idea about this. I'm trying to fix a problem before it becomes a bigger problem I think.

I've found this error message email in my deleted box and I've got a ton of them. It seems like I'm sending a response somehow over and over whenever I sign up for a newsletter. . .

Subject: Request processing error - Code for subscribe confirmation is wrong

Dear "insert email address here"!

While processing your request: Action Requested - Confirm Your Subscription.,

the following error occurred: Code for subscribe confirmation is wrong


To get help, click the following link: mailto:"my primary email address"?subject=help, or send a message to "my primary email address", with "help" in the Subject field.


Mailing List Administrator

  mailto:"my primary email address"

I've removed the email addresses.

Whenever I sign up for a newsletter from a "Getresponse.com" server, we get into a loop and I receive a confirmation email every 5 minutes. At first, I thought it was there problem, but I think I'm the culprit sending out some type of auto error message, but I don't know how or from where.

I'm using Outlook 2003 on XP Pro. My ISPs are Mindspring.com (Earthlink) and Interland for my domain name. I've check with both to them and they maintain nothing on their end is causing it.

If this continues, I can see how I would get serious spam complaints and certainly don't want that.

Any ideas?

Thanks for your help.

David Perdew

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Perhaps your Spamblocker is challenging the newsletter confirmation email messages, or you are sending receipts for them?

SpamCop doesn't recommend CR (Challenge/Response) systems - they are now considered abusive and reportable by SpamCop per the "Messages which may be reported" section of On what type of email should I (not) use SpamCop? and the Challenge/response spam filtering section of Why are auto-responders (and delayed bounces) bad?.

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