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  1. That's a fine workaround, but the part of the page that is supposed to actually DISPLAY the link to http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=showhistory&offset=10 or http://members.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=sho...y&offset=10 or http://mailsc.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=show...y&offset=10 is still missing, and therefore broken. And no, there is no link to http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=showhistory&offset=20 on http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=showhistory&offset=10 either (for example).
  2. The feature you mentioned, although titled "Report History", is more properly called the "View recent reports" feature, which can be accessed via the "View recent reports" Link on the "Past Reports" Tab, or directly via http://www.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=showhistory, http://members.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=showhistory, or http://mailsc.spamcop.net/mcgi?action=showhistory (depending on which site you're using). My account is experiencing the same symptom, in that only the first page shows up, and there is no link available for viewing subsequent pages (of older Reports). More specifically, there is absolutely nothing but a newline between the last 'No reports filed</div>' and '<div id="footer">'. I have just emailed a SpamCop Admin via service[at]admin.spamcop.net to look into this issue for us.
  3. In my case (using OE6), it is recording the machine name, which I understand OE6 typically uses in its HELO greeting. And I couldn't get OE6's SSL to work with it. Other than that, it works just great!
  4. You may contact 'the powers that be' via the SpamCop Deputies and SpamCop Admin.
  5. I put "http://" in front of it ("ca.geocities.com/jaynell21539jason35054/"), as in http://www.spamcop.net/sc?track=http%3A%2F...39jason35054%2F.
  6. ca.geocities.com/jaynell21539jason35054/ is resolving now.
  7. that's not many characters: spam[at]uce.gov AskDOJ[at]usdoj.gov webcomplaints[at]ora.fda.gov enforcement[at]sec.gov 40749[/snapback] No, it's not. I have webcomplaints[at]ora.fda.gov in "Personal copies of outgoing reports" and "otcfraud[at]cder.fda.gov ct-abuse[at]abuse.sprint.net spam[at]UCE.GOV JEFF[at]EXAMPLE.COM level3[at]admin.spamcop.net" in "Public standard report recipients", giving me a choice of five.
  8. Of course, it helps if the reporting addresses' ISPs don't reject the Reports as spam.
  9. Yes, it would be nice. I have found the formula for the addresses to be cc-geo-abuse[at]yahoo-inc.com, where cc is the country code; in this case, for country code es, the address would be es-geo-abuse[at]yahoo-inc.com.
  10. Jeff G.


    The updated rules for posting to the forum also apply here.
  11. Please help us to help you figure out why your email message (either to you or from you) was blocked. Specifically, please post the complete email message indicating the blockage, which would usually include the IP Address that was blocked, the IP Address of the server doing the blocking, the domain the sender was trying to send to, and the domain the sender was trying to send from, as well as any other IP Addresses being used by other systems that handled the message (either in the headers of the block message or in the headers of the message that was blocked). We don't need the left side (user portion) of either email address, just the right side (domain portion). Also, please see Why am I Blocked?. Thanks!
  12. SpamCop's named Servers forum.spamcop.net, news.spamcop.net, webmail.spamcop.net, mail.spamcop.net, pop.spamcop.net, and imap.spamcop.net are run by JT's Corporate Email Services. The above named Servers, along with alpha.cesmail.net and others, are colocated at the e^deltacom state of the art 376,000 sq. ft. Atlanta data center facility in Suwanee, Georgia, USA (a suburb about 31.6 miles and 43 minutes Northeast of downtown Atlanta). e^deltacom was sold by ITC^DeltaCom to the Quality Group of Companies and renamed Quality Technology Services on September 1st of this year. Historically, very early Tuesday morning (EST) maintenance by e^deltacom has accounted for 99% of the unavailability of the above named Servers, but Quality Technology Services has not posted a publicly-accessible maintenance schedule. Sources: IM conversation with JT e^deltacom and Quality Technology Services Contact Us e^deltacom and Quality Technology Services Press Releases ITC^Deltacom Press Releases Directions to e^deltacom data center ITC^DeltaCom Announces Sale Of Data Center To Quality Group Of Companies ITC^Deltacom announces agreement to sell data center to Quality Group Of Companies e^deltacom Delivers 100% Uptime through Tropical Storms Gaston and Frances
  13. This Forum is here to help those who have had their e-mail blocked based on use of the SCBL (SpamCop Blocking List Service, SpamCop BlockList, SpamCopDNSBL, or just the blocklist) by the receiving ISP, as well as those ISPs that use the SCBL. For those of you who have had your email blocked, please understand that you need to help us to help you. To that end, if you are not sure of what IP Address is being blocked, please post the entire email (including the Headers, especially the Received Header Lines) containing the entire error/blocking message (including the Headers, especially the Received Header Lines). You may munge the left side of every email address (before the [at]-sign) and the body, but please don't munge IP Addresses, server names, and the right side of any email address (after the [at]-sign). We suggest that you read the following from the SpamCop FAQ: Start Here - before you make your first Post Why Am I Blocked? Am I running mailing lists responsibly? Has your email been blocked? (ISP, Mailing List Admin, Advertiser) If there is anything in the FAQ that you do not understand, please return here to post questions and we shall try to help you. For those ISPs that use the SCBL, please note the important items derived from How do I configure my mailserver to reject mail based on the blocklist? and its subfaqs: If you can, please don't block outright, instead please filter and allow the use of whitelists to give your users more choice. If you must block, please use an informative string in your block message like "Email from your IP Address [IP Address] blocked, see http://spamcop.net/bl.shtml?[IP Address] for details". Thank you for your patience as we work together to limit spam email and extend the usefulness and usability of wanted email.
  14. Following these guidelines should make it easier for you to get the help you need (and easier for us to help you). Search first It is very likely that your question has already been asked and answered, searching can get you the solution you need faster than waiting for a reply. Also, don't forget to check the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) lists! Where to post? The Forum layout should be pretty self-explanatory when it comes where to post your question. Having problems with a bad parse result? Post in the support topic for SpamCop Reporting Help. Setting up your SpamCop filtered e-mail account confusing? Post in the SpamCop Flat-Rate Email Account Setup support forum. Want some feedback on a Blocklist issue? Try the SpamCop Blocklist Help section. There's a How to Use ... Forum, a place to get geeky, even the Lounge For general / other stuff. Your topic title After you've figured out where to post, you need to come up with a good topic title. Selecting an informative topic title will ensure the best results. Here's a common list of topic titles that you SHOULD NOT use. 1. Help needed! 2. Newbie problem 3. Need some assistance 4. Hi, Im stuck! 5. PLEASE HELP! 6. I have a question 7. Very urgent 8. This is too complicated for me 9. PHP expert needed 10. Looking for... Vague topic titles are pretty much useless, they don't provide any information about the actual problem you're having. You should be clear and concise with your title. For example, if you need help with ThunderBird, try Setting up ThunderBird instead of just "How do I...." The question This is the most important part of your topic. If you can not clearly explain what your problem is, you can't expect to get a good solution. Simply posting an error message and asking what is wrong won't do much good. Have you installed new software lately? When did the problem start? Where does it occur? Is it "your" server or your ISP's? What is the IP address of the server involved? Those are all questions you should have answered in your first post. Be sure to provide as many details as possible. The Details If it's a spam in question, do not post the spam here. Use a Tracking URL to offer a link to both the spam and the parse results. That way we're all talking about the same data. If it's a bounce/rejection notification, provide the critical lines of data. The IP address being rejected will be at the root of any research. If it's something to do with data manipulation, copying/pasting, transmittal, identify the tools in question, version numbers and Operating System can be critical to get an appropriate answer. Edit: Originally posted by Wazoo as a Managed Announcement.
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