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  1. Could we please have something stating this *on the webmail login page*, please? It would save a lot of panic upon finding out that all your mail is gone from your email client, all your mail is gone when you log into webmail, so you hit the "problem" button and report it, because all you see on the login page is a scheduled outage for tomorrow, when there's quite clearly a problem now... I was googling before I even remembered we had a forum. But I thought something had happened which had caused my mail client to eat my entire folder tree, and then tell the server to get rid of it on that end, too. And being online, this is my backup, because I've lost my local copies in hard drive crashes before... And I certainly expect a servce I've been paying $30 a year for email only to not lose the email stored on their server, ie: do their job, oddly enough. Most people expect it of free email servers - there'd be mass panic and riots if Gmail did it. And it's been storing my mail nice and safe since before Gmail existed, so I don't think it's too much to expect it to continue to do so.
  2. Still not working for me, either - no IMAP, no webmail, no beta webmail.
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