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  1. Yeah, advance fee 419 scam. They go to junk mail daily for me. i always add the exact same format to a user report: 419 scammer Gmail account abuse (Reply-To) (the reply-to address, usually but not always gmail) Gmail account abuse (reply requested in body) (the email address mentioned in the email body text, if present, usually but not always gmail) And I copy the report to abuse@gmail.com i use keyboard short text/quick reply text to put that detail into the user report in the same format every time. In the hope the reply accounts are reviewed/shut down quickly. I think it’s working because 419 scammer emails tend to stress how urgent replying is now!
  2. They do divest of responsibility but it is accurate. They are a “pass thru” and are used by spammers who host some of their gazillions of redirect websites behind the “cover” of a Cloudflare IP address. There are legitimate reasons to use the services of Cloudflare. I have actually found Cloudflare to be pretty good at dropping their service from scammer/spammer websites. They’re pretty decent in my experience. I can’t speak for everyone of course :)
  3. I don’t get the sign in required. But I am experiencing the reporting challenges that are mentioned here in the thread and in the notice on the report page now. Yeah it has been happening a few days now, then today it was the worst it could be (coincidentally the same day as what appeared to be the most spam attacking the forum). On that topic, we seem to have a few new members joined in the past 4-7 hours but nothing like the large number of new account influx seen 17 hours ago… Not just you 👍 Until certain ISPs get their head out of the sand and sort out their customers, we’ll have this problem of well constructed spam continue. Most seem willing to take the action required. Just 2 I know of that are real obstinate. So while they continue, they are getting reports and sub reports filed in detail.
  4. Thank you to whoever has been doing all the cleaning and fixing things. Appreciate you.
  5. Do you need long time member volunteers to help with moderation? I’ll help deleting the actual spam posts if you like.
  6. I cannot get spamcop.net to load. That’s what my browser shows on the page after trying. Is it just me or are others seeing the same today?
  7. I’m seeing 500 Server Errors today. And lots of spam posts on the forum. A huge number of spam posts I do also think: If the spammers are posting on the forum then maybe that is a sign that SpamCop works.
  8. Hanco

    Why report?

    Thanks for what you do! Looks like they want to keep you busy today.
  9. I started seeing the DNS error yesterday. Like others, I found refresh resolved usually after one or two tries. It did seem to get worse with time though. It has been bad for me too through March/April with higher levels of prizes/surveys and recently “love interest” - and the fake invoices (refund scam GeekSquad etc.) plus there’s a Fake Facebook Signin Alert which comes multiple times per day. Is it a coincidence that the forum is under a spam attack with new members registered posting airline tickets and intuit quick books nonsensically.
  10. Do you know what date you did that? I’ll repeat the same and ask them. I’ll refer them here to this thread too. it’s not ok to have two faces on something like this, but there could be a simple explanation, maybe.
  11. Thanks. I am checking with Bitly if they were aware of the reports I sent in the form there to see if it was duplicated reporting of my SpamCop report.
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