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  1. I'm having the same thing for weeks now, Tjsynkral, >10/day. The whole block 43.250.78.x is a cesspool right now, with mostly reputation poor &/or blacklisted. I've been manually reporting them as Turetzsr suggests, and sending reports to KnuJon for the spamvertised site side of things. The seemingly ironic thing about these kind of continued "disconnects" in function is that Ironport/Cisco/Spamcop are the same company (siloed, certainly), and yet Senderbase.org polls/caches the correct contact data. I expected they'd have found a way to leverage the resources of one org to the other more successfully by now.
  2. The treeware letters are starting to arrive: "Due to %yourEmailAddress%[at]spamcop.net bouncing several times you need to re-confirm your accounts, subscriptions, and eConfirms." Good fun... Oh well, I'll use these as the prompting to start migrating the remaining 182 online account credentials registered with my SpamCop email address. Forwarding seems more or less straightened out, but my quantity of mail has certainly decreased. Since there is no way to find out what isn't being forwarded (Ironport block/bounce), it's another reason to get hustling on the migration.
  3. Good data, my headers also show that. I'm not sure the connection between your post and the quoted text, though. That was days ago, the first post in the thread, and the answers to it were long since put to rest.
  4. Good point. I see most of the references do use admin.spamcop.net. Thank you. In the past I had successful contacted them using just deputies [at ] spamcop.net, but I see now, they had always replied using the [at]admin.spamcop.net account. Perhaps they intentionally didn't put in the pointer after the move and this is a WAD (working as designed).
  5. So, more of an FYI to staff: About 2/3 of the way through the bouncing all email snafu, and before an acknowledgement was made of the problem, I sent an email to Deputies to see if there was an official update. Today I got back the following: "The following message to <deputies [at] spamcop.net> was undeliverable. The reason for the problem: 5.4.7 - Delivery expired (message too old) 'timeout'" "Reporting-MTA: dns; prod-sc-smtp2.sv4.ironport.com Final-Recipient: rfc822;deputies [at] spamcop.net Action: failed Status: 5.4.7 Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 5.4.7 - Delivery expired (message too old) 'timeout' (delivery attempts: 0)"
  6. I still have no emails, and the SC reporting page not only hasn't been updated with a new message, they've pulled the old one down. Do they feel it's resolved? Perhaps they could inquire with some of us, before making that assumption? Sure would be nice to know somebody's working on something. I rather expected more from a 127.63 billion dollar market cap networking company. A couple of DNS pointers, and some DB alias imports should be well within their skill set, and quickly accomplished.
  7. 24+ hours later, the bouncing has stopped for me...which is nice. On the other hand, the forwards--that have been in place and working since early August--still aren't working. I have no idea where my mail is going...but it's not getting to me. Webmail has no record of them, and my forwarding address is still correct on the SC reporting side. I do have to give poor marks on this transition and the urgency with which they are prioritizing resolution.
  8. Hmmm. Curious, I never received that one, but my forwards were long since set. Perhaps they didn't acquire a comprehensive list for that communique?
  9. So...going on 8 hours with all my mail bouncing: 1) No news update 2) CESMail Twitter account no update 3) No official forum posts 4) Seems many others are having the same problem To whom do we direct an inquiry for a status update? Like I said above, any major infrastructure migration always has its issues, and I'm tolerant of that, but it has been quite a while, and with no official channel to update us on a resolution timeline.
  10. Probably everyone has seen the answers on other threads, but if not: 1) Yes, the cut-over was early. ? 2) Yes, the form in webmail no longer has the option to set forwarders. 3) Yes, IMAP was killed at the same time as the early cut-over. Fortunately, there's already an option set up on the reporting page to update: "Should you wish to discontinue this forwarding or change the address mail is being forwarded to, you will find a new tab on the SpamCop.net Reporting Service page when logged in allowing you to do this." Where "New Tab" == Preferences -> "Change Email address or name" Unfortunately for me, my forwarding isn't working today (they've been set/working since August 10th, 2014) and all my mail is still bouncing, several hours later. I'd like to think it'll get resolved soon...
  11. Still bouncing for me, couple hours now, no joy. I have gone to the new preferences on the reporting site, and my forwards are set up as desired (and inherited correctly from webmail.spamcop.net settings).
  12. I've had my forwards set up and working since the day after the announcement went out, August 10th, 2014. Today: 1) 2) Logging into webmail.spamcop.net, a few hours before the official cut-off, to see what's up with my Forwarding settings, the option to set it up is: A.) Removed B.) No way to confirm that my setting was ever there and/or was blown out in the migration. Now, I'm just fine with cut-over issues, and temp outages, but with #2 happening, I've got no way to tell if there is a larger problem at work, and all my mail will continue to bounce...indefinitely.
  13. I never got responses to my requests for refund, but this (below), posted last night on the SpamCop homepage, more than makes up for the economic value lost for me, in the long run.
  14. You know, a curiously non-complex, super easy way that I used, avoids all the technical hoop jumping and gets the job done just fine. I use eM Client, but I expect Thunderbird and others will do the same. I just configured two IMAP accounts in the program, Spamcop, and %newProvider% (in my case GMail), and then just dragged'n'dropped emails from SC to GMail. A bit slow, but since GMail only allows for POP to another account, it was my most logical/efficient approach. It sounds like some of the other paid services have better import functions directly, but I chose to go with GMail since I already had an account and use their calendar and contacts to sync to my Android devices; plus, I didn't see the value of throwing another actor into the mix. Since I had 15 years of email in SpamCop, to be very safe and redundant, I made an archive snapshot to disk before the migration using "MailStore Home 8" (free). It seems to work well, and has export, import, view, and your standard CRUD logic.
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