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  1. Derek T

    "spam" from Spamcop

    Ironically, almost all the spam I now receive is from this forum: or rather, they notifications about posts in this forum! Obviously, I have a setting somewhere that tells the board to email me about new postings, but all of those postings are now spam. It used to be useful but now I'd like to turn off email notifications for this forum. Where and how, please?
  2. Derek T

    recived email from sumxxxxxx{AT}admin.spamcop.net

    Hello and welcome. Thank you for being a conscientious admin! If you post the IPv4 of that SMTP then we (your fellow-users) might be able to dig out some information. However, if it was a spamtrap hit then no details will be forthcoming, as a matter of policy.
  3. Derek T

    IP Listed Help

    Yes, SpamCop is working perfectly, thanks. There has been a "critical" amount of spam spewing from that IP over the last few days. It's been hitting Spamtraps and users have also reported it. It will be delisted automatically in 14 hours' time if there are no further reports. If you OWN that server then you've probably been hacked. If you pay someone else to use a shared server then you're not getting the service you are paying for - complain to your ISP.
  4. Derek T

    Adress blocked, not in blacklist

    You have witheld the one piece of information that we need to be able to help: the IP.
  5. Derek T

    spam traps - Why do they hate me so much?

    Those two statements are mutually contradictory, I'm afraid. You should move to a "confirmed opt-in" immediately. Spam-traps don't hate anyone. They are email addresses made up of random characters that have NEVER been used to send email. They are hidden around the internet as bait for harvester-bots. The ONLY way you can hit one is to send mail to one of those harvested addresses. SO, who has access to your SMTP server? Is it shared? if so it may be the fault of a fellow user. Are you the only one who is meant to have access? in that case, you have been hacked and a spammer is using your server without your knowledge. If you supply the IP address someone on here can look up its reputation and report history for you. HTH
  6. Derek T

    emails being blocked

    You have munged the one bit of information we need in order to help: the IP address. What did it say when you followed the unmunged link?
  7. Hi Guido and welcome, Spamcop blocks nothing - it can't, spamcop merely lists email servers that are sending out spam. SOME server administrators use that list to either reject or quarantine emails. Spamcop does NOT list web-servers (HTTP), only email (SMTP) servers so your host has no need to worry. A copy of complaints is sent to the the administrators of web-servers mentioned in the spam merely as a courtesy. You should, however, look to a system of confirmed opt-in for your mailing lists.
  8. Derek T

    Another adress blocked by Spamcop

    You are right that IP address is no longer listed (or wasn't when I looked). If you follow the Senderbase link you will see: so she is trying to send herself email through a very dirty server with a very poor reputation. SpamCop is very dynamic and reactive so the chances are that server will be re-listed and de-listed as and when the spam-spews start and finish. By the time you get a rejection it is quite possible that de-listing has happened. As a short term solution, I suggest she send herself email (she's sending herself mail back to home, yes?) through a third-party account such as hotmail, google or apple. In the long term only italiaonline can put its house in order and stop the spam.
  9. Derek T

    Another adress blocked by Spamcop

    Had you bothered to read the pinned posts you would know that SpamCop blocks nothing. Nada. Zilch. It has no way of doing so. If you follow the link you provided you will see that the receiving server (her own IP) rejected the email on the basis of a 'critical' amount of spam coming from the IP that was listed. In other words, SpamCop is working exactly how it ought to do. You will also see that the spam spew has (presumably) now stopped and that IP is no longer listed. To repeat, her OWN IP (liberto) are using the SpamCop blocklist to protect your friend from spam. If she prefers to receive a lot of spam then maybe should switch her account to an IP that is less vigilant.
  10. Derek T

    Email accounts

    Nobody here is going to tell you how to be a better spammer. spam is about CONSENT not CONTENT and if those recipients have not given their consent (confirmed opt-in) then you have no business sending them email.
  11. Derek T

    Some One created spam Review on Glassdoor

    Would seem to have nothing at all to so with SpamCop. Suggest move to lounge.
  12. Derek T

    Query: E-450329

    And what is your question?
  13. Nope. Real NHS email addresses end in nhs.uk and the government is the registrar. nhs.net seems to be some sort of "information" outfit. NHS employees get a .nhs.uk address.