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  1. It's back on the blacklist. Measures are being taken on our side to get away from suddenlink.
  2. Been looking around and this was just beginning last year... https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/outlook_com/forum/all/spamcop-blocking-my-emails-from-office-outlook/c4bd8237-9aa9-4dde-a227-8381663be444 I did a search by year and it didn't drag any others like that out; The similarities are scary. Practically spit image of my current issue. Not to mention MAYBE same time line..?
  3. Yeaa I figured it was that way.. As of 2 hours ago the is no longer being blacklisted. Again - I know this is subject to change if said clown decides to continue messing with that server. Yes - I have already started into looking at another option incase this issue continues on. Considering the help we get/got from suddenlink themselves we are better off alone. After its being delisted, We can only hope it stays that way. Sure is funny how after all this time its been such a problem.. Now that I am here talking to you guys .. it stops literally a day or so later.
  4. I looked into the Double Opt in for Marketing... Now, We do sell a certain brand of copiers; we do not send out any flyer emails or anything like that. The 2 emails that said person uses gets blocked a lot to different emails that she has had contact with in the past. They are not spam emails, they are regular emails talking about invoices/purchases which may include an attachment .pdf or two. We have another email that I use that to send out emails to our customers requesting the monthly count from the copiers. Since all this has started I have not gotten a delivery blockage via there.
  5. Hello Good morning petzl, Thank you for replying! I've been looking at different threads within the forum and seen your name/comments. You guys really know what's up with this email stuff! -- On the subject of the spamtraps; checking the log this morning it is down to 4 hours! Now I know that they could get hit at any time and it restarts... but yea. That's something new. The IPs that are getting hit are the 71,73,74...(mainly the 71) When I configure the workspace' computers and devices I stand behind using smtp.suddenlinkmail.com.. which results in ""... According to Gnarlymarley that smtp server I usually use isn't in that bit of IPs. I am trying to pinpoint exactly what my issue is at hand : 1: Is it Suddenlink SMTP server service entirely at fault causing these issues in sending emails? 2: Is it likely that the emails that are used by said user on a compromised PC/network that sends out spam? Please understand I do appreciate you guys for reaching out and answering my questions. Rather than just looking for a fix I am looking for the future knowledge to head into such a issue with some idea of what is happening.
  6. Good morning Gnarlymarley, Thank you for responding back so promptly to my questions. I believe I am starting to get the gist of all of this. I appreciate you for spelling it out for me. Not only are you teaching me you are also confirming. Since this is Suddenlink being flagged is it other users (other than us) that are causing this to be flagged? I'm not confident in that because - we have a similar email(same @johnrhibbard.com hosted via suddenlink) that we use here at the shop that sends out requests to customers for a monthly count. We do not get any flags on that email. Or all in all, is this just being flagged by the IP using the suspect email(s) : ****@johnrhibbard.com; *****@johnrhibbard.com? I rechecked the time for the delisting and its at 22 hours. I don't think its changed at all since your last report previously. 😥
  7. Hello Gnarlymarly, Thank you a ton for replying so freaking FAST!! Totally appreciated! Yea man, So that IP "" I believe to be one of suddenlink' smtp server IP addresses. Although when I ping smtp.suddenlinkmail.com i've gotten the IP I think that they also use the .71.. the user works from home and her email is flagged the most. We have another user that has gotten an email blocked by a customer' smtp server as well; If you would like I could provide that one as well. As for the user with the most issues, The problem is that they possibly have a virus? I believe their windows laptop stopped working so she started using a Mac. From what I am uderstanding, attempt to send another email after 22 hours and it might be delisted? I appologize for a ton of questions for a new account with only (2) posts. This issue has been a problem of our for quite some time now. (3-6 mo) I have attempted to call suddenlink' business support and all they have managed to tell me after 4-7 calls is to forward the email to "spam@suddenlink.net" which ended as a return error invalid user. Again - thank you for your support!
  8. Hello all, First off i'd like to thank whomever replies with any possible solution to my/our issue here at my job. We have been having alot of spam issues with one of our employees. We created her a new email with suddenlink and it aswell gets caught as spam. Below is the copy and paste of the email and what has been flagged. I believe this is what you guys request. I can provide other information if requested.
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