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  1. Same here. There's already a couple of threads on this in the Spamcop Reporting Help forum, going back to Oct 2. See http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/topic/14423-past-reports-tab-not-working-past-2-days/ for starters. Doesn't seem to be getting any traction.
  2. I'm getting the same "Unknown action" responses as above, on two different spamcop accounts. Both accounts are spamcop mail orphans. (Also as already noted in a thread on the mailhosts forum, all of the mailhost settings disappeared.) EDIT: Oops, just saw the Past Reports tab not working past 2 days thread, probably would have been more appropriate.
  3. I'm seeing old posts now, but they appear to have the wrong time stamp on them. Pretty sure some showing here were posted in the last couple of days, but they are stamped back August. Sigh. So ready to jump this shark.
  4. Yes I can now proceed past the first screen. I've added my new email service provider and it looks like it took. However, all my old mailhost setups are all still MIA. I guess I'll wait another day before adding. Or I may just leave it as is. Fact is, if (I guess that should be "when") I start getting regular spam again, I will probably not report via spamcop anymore. I don't want to bother with the forwarding or cut/paste nonsense. The reporting integration was about the only reason I was hanging on to the spamcop email, apart from the PIA of changing email address. </grumble>
  5. Ditto to above, also adding that I had a bunch of mailhosts configured for years, none of them show up now. I have filed the following on the contact page linked from the error: "All my maihost configs have disappeared. I had maybe a half dozen or more configured, but now none of them show up on the "Edit Mailhost configuration" page. Clicking "Add first host" results in a 500 error."
  6. I'm not the best expert here, but seeing as how no one has replied... Judging by other threads, it's too late to use POP or IMAP to retrieve your old mail, IF it still exists. You should log into spamcop webmail, like NOW, and see if your old mail is still there. If so, your only option to save it may be to use the folder download function (assuming IMAP and POP servers are indeed gone). So that's login at https://webmail.spamcop.net/ Click "folders" icon select folder [EDIT: see post from anders_o below] In the "Chose action" popup menu, you will use "Download folders" or download zipped (zipped is probably the way to go, or it'll take forever. This operation has been discussed in threads here, but you'll have to look for them yourself as there's been quite a lot of discussion about this debacle. The other thing you need to do is log in at http://www.spamcop.net/ Click "Preferences " then "Change Email address or name" and setup "Forward mail to address" (don't try to set up forwarding in webmail, that's been disabled) Obviously you need an email account somewhere to forward to. The quickest solution might be to set up a gmail or yahoo account, if you don't already have another email. Good luck.
  7. I don't think so. POP usually only grabs new mail out of the main inbox. I don't think it knows how to deal with old mail or folders. AFAIK. That stuff is what IMAP was made for. EDIT: Oops, I see gmail can import old mail using POP3. Well, I haven't fooled with POP for a while now, so my advice isn't worth too much on that. So a more correct answer to your question might be; depends on where you want to POP it to (which you haven't said). I don't know if the apple mail app can scoop up your old mail via POP; perhaps it can via a settings tweak (I"m far away from my mac right now, couldn't tell ya). I do know for a fact IMAP will get everything. Spamcop wiki linked at the top of this page will get you started. Google is your friend. Or fiend, as the case may be. http://forum.spamcop.net/scwik/IMAP
  8. Depends on where you want to move it to. More than one email service that can directly import your current spamcop folders has been discussed in the "Spamcop Alternatives?" topic in this forum, and also see "Is there some way to export whole folders?..." topic. http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=14275 http://forum.spamcop.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=3411 I'm now using pobox.com, they have an an "import" function which can duplicate all your current spamcop folders and pull in the messages. All they need are the spamcop IMAP server name and your log in credentials. This worked flawlessly for me, although if you have a lot of email it will take a while. Some other vendors offer this type of thing as well. Again, I suggest you see the above mentioned thread. HORDE is a web-based email client that runs on a web server in "cloud" territory, so that you may access it from generic web browsers. Not something you'd run on a mac. I have a mac and for years have used the apple's standard mail app, using IMAP to sync up with all my spamcop folders. I can't think of anything it doesn't do that HORDE does, and it does it all faster. I have verified that all mail in all folders is already duplicated on my mac, meaning when I stop IMAP polling of spamcop servers, all the mail is still duplicated on the mac hard drive as of the last poll. I intend to leave it there, at least for a while. The key is to stop syncing IMAP with spamcop after you have set up spamcop forwarding to your new email, but before they get close to shutting down the spamcop email (to minimize the risk of possibly syncing to empty spamcop folders, should it happen in that order - which is unlikely but hey...) Should you get a new email provider who does not offer the "import" function, if you set up mail app to use IMAP you should still be able to copy/drag email from the old (at this point off-line) spamcop folders to your new service's folders. There might be a better way to do that, but off the top of my head that should still work. It'll take a LONG time as all that stored email will have to squeeze through your upload pipe. Again the question is "back up to where?" See all the above and suggested threads. I don't, but there's always "consultants" waiting to take your money... This isn't what you want to hear, but I encourage you to give alternatives like fastmail or pobox a try. I didn't try fastmail. Pobox.com is missing a few spamcop features but it wasn't a deal killer for me. I've detailed them in the "alternatives" topic. Wish I could do more for ya...
  9. FYI, Some initial impressions on Pobox.com I shopped through some of the mentions in this thread; FastMail, vfemail.net, Pobox.com. I settled on pobox.com. They only have one hosted mailbox option ("Mailstore"), but it offers much more storage than the similar price point options from the other two. The "pros" list has hit all of my must-have requirements, and the "cons" have not broken the deal - so far. Pros: + Server side filtering - Filtering rules applied to incoming mail regardless whether or not logged into web mail. ...Yay! + Send mail from any "identity" (I.e.; any From: address) on SMTP or webmail + Webmail was initially sluggish until changed skin to "classic". Snappier performance with Classic, better use of screen real estate, with all the functionality. Actually better functionality in message list and address book. Their choice of default skin is excessively prettied-up, high-bandwidth nonsense like all the major email web mails want to burden you with. The Classic skin is leaner and quicker, closer to the spamcop webmail. + Straightforward "Help" facility. Easy to find things like plainly stated mail server settings, as well as detailed walk-thru for various clients. + Several levels of spam filtering available (although you don't get to pick and choose RBLs, nor have I found a place where they even tell you which RBLs are applied to what filter levels.). Seems well thought out, although I'm not getting spam lately so no experience with it yet. + Can block by country of origin - any of them! + Up to 6 addresses (alias) on any of their 15 domains, 100 on your private domain. + Supports email "plus" addressing, and whitelisting ("Trusted Senders") + Import of spamcop old mail via IMAP was painless. + Looks like you get a month free, or at any rate the bill's not due until a month after you get on. Cons: - You have to wait for approval to get the account enabled. Essentially they want name, street address and phone number before they enable the account you create. My approval came the following day. I'm thinking though, this may be something of a plus if it means that it's harder for spammers to set up accounts and get the sending servers listed on RBLs. - Server side filtering can't be applied to mail already received. No filtering in the webmail client. - Webmail was initially sluggish; much improved by changing to "Classic" skin (see Pros). Also had missing page forward/back controls in message list (In Firefox & Seamonkey. Had to use shortcut keys.), also fixed by Classic skin. - Webmail display of long headers is truncated (I have a lot of mail forwarded thru sneakemal.com and sometimes "From:" and other fields get real long.) Can still be displayed by viewing full headers. - Held spam not releasable, not even viewable from webmail or IMAP. Must log into separate Pobox "Home" pages to review and deal with spam. (That's AFAIK, 'cause I've gotten no spam there yet.) - - MITIGATING FACTOR: You can configure a spam "report" to be sent (as often as hourly) to your email when you get spam. For the infrequent spam recipient (me), this should relieve the task of frequent logging into the the "home" page to check for spam. Again, I've had no spam yet (lucky me!). - - EFFECTIVELY RESOLVED: I finally stumbled on the RSS feed that shows list of spam being held. So, you can at least see a list (I think by Subject) of the spam held, without having to first log in to the home pages. - Address book import from spamcop email was hellish. SC exports a .csv. file. Pobox will accept .csv (as well as .vcf) but is particular about the field header names, and of course they don't match up with spamcop. Got some good clues for manipulating the field names here: https://github.com/roundcube/roundcubemail/...e_csv2vcard.php ...though never was able to get the email fields to show as anything but "Other" (instead of Home, Work). Most likely you would have better luck exporting from a .vcf source. - They do not seem to offer a trimmed-down mobile html webmail. - They do not seem to have a facility to POP mail hosted elsewhere into the pobox mailbox. EDITS: removed Con re no address book sorting options. They're lurking in Settings. Added con re no POPing from others. Added con "mitigating factor" re spam report Added re RSS feed of spam list
  10. Yes well, my point being that a bus pass is hardly an equivalent replacement for a paid-for car lease, much like a forwarding address is not the least bit equivalent to a paid-for hosted mailbox. An example of equivalence would be; when someone pays for something, and that something is deliberately not delivered in full or refunded, that's pretty much equivalent to theft. Actually more like exactly the same thing.
  11. I'm imagining how a conversation like this would go over: Company: Hello, this is your car leasing company. Sorry, we've decided to get out of the car leasing business. We'll be taking back your leased car in one month. Customer: Well that's inconvenient, seeing as how I've paid in advance for a full year for a car I was depending on. So you'll be refunding the portion for what will be the 10 unused months, right? Company: Oh sorry, no refunds. But we're sending you a bus pass that's good for a year!
  12. Regarding spamcop SMTP In my case, I had been using spamcop SMTP for years, until one day a few years back they shut off my access (and others I believe) without notice, about the time posts here were saying you now had to request it. At that time I found it easier to switch to an alternate SMTP facility, but in the last few months found that it (my alternate) was going away. SO, wrote to email support, asking to get my SMTP access re-enabled. They replied, in essence; "No.", with no explanation. Still steamed about the mail-shut off, but realizing that between the SMTP blow-off and the unreliable servers, I'm not going to be missing spamcop email much. I'll happily pass out a new email address. Will keep the SC forwarding on for as long as it's free, to catch the stragglers. The one bright spot in this is that my many and various registrations at different sites & mailing lists are all sneakemail.com forwarding addresses, which will be easy to re-direct in bulk to the new mailbox. Otherwise I'd be really steamed!
  13. More random guesses from me... Spamcop uses the Horde email platform for web mail. Obviously they've cobbled on extra things to that software, like the entire "SpamCop Tools" menu. My prediction is that the "SpamCop Tools" menu will survive, either as a stripped down Horde email client - with the email part removed, or as a stand alone control panel. Either way, same effect. It's a good question about greylisting, I have no idea how closely that is tied to the email hosting. My guess is; anything that works with forwarding now, could potentially still work once the hosting goes away. In any event, no one would use a mail forwarding service that did not allow you to easily change the forwarding target, so it's a given that it will be changeable. Likely the all the filtering controls will survive too. E.g.; you really need to be able to administer a white list when using aggressive email filtering. The bigger question, as others have asked; now that we know for sure there will be no more VER page, what happens to spam-filtered email? If it just disappears - well that's another thing that's not good for those using aggressive filtering. Hopefully the "Tag Only" option would remain, allowing you to handle treatment of spam tagged email down the line from spamcop filtering. IMHO, it really sucks that we are left to play guessing games about this stuff. Bad enough to have the service abandoned; the least they could do is be SPECIFIC about the above, the forwarding subscription fee, refunds, etc. Sigh... EDIT 8/12/14: Well the announcement on the other thread regarding filtering has proven my above guesses to be worse than random; they're wrong. I didn't think things would get worse but, ta-da! They did.
  14. I could rant and rail about any number of things related to this, but topping the list is what has already been mentioned; what is the deal now? Is it $30 a year just for the forwarding? (rip off) ...or is the forwarding going to be less? ...will there be pro-rated refunds for those of us who will have no more use for the spamcop.net address? It's inexcusable that these things were not addressed in the notice. For peat's sake, the existing, doomed email service is still offered on the spamcop site. - What the hell? I don't see any reference to that. The notice I got says "...you will continue to be able to submit spam to SpamCop via the "Report spam" feature [i.e. the "Report spam" tab] on spamcop.net, or forward your spam...", and neither of those things is VER [the "Held Email" tab]. Keep in mind that the contents of the VER page is loaded (I believe) via IMAP from the mailbox held mail folder. To me, this suggests that VER will disappear along with the mailbox. Oh yes, by all means; blame the victims!
  15. That would be nice, although I still haven't heard back from them and I haven't pursued it. Setting a calendar reminder was the path of least resistance, as well something I can rely on. Thanks for the info.
  16. I hope that everybody who's currently not gotten expiration notices is writing to support [at] cesmail.net I still have not heard from them since the 10th. A number of complaint cases in the system might be more convincing.
  17. My correspondence with spamcop support indicate there should be six reminder notices. Earlier in this thread they state that there should be three before, and three after[!] the renewal date. Not sure how that is supposed to work? Maybe there is supposed to be a grace period after the actual renewal date, but this doesn't seem to be the case as I discovered mine wasn't working on 8th just after midnight, yet my next expiration date on the renewal page indicates May 9 2015. That seems to leave negative room for post-expiration notices. In any case, I've always renewed at the first notice, never had a 2nd. FYI... I exchanged a few emails with spamcop support after opening a case. I answered a few questions, indicating I had not only checked held mail for notices, all folders including trash, and had not been POPing or forwarding mail but using webmail.spamcop exclusively due to traveling, etc. There are two accounts tied together, and my aunt always gets the renewal notice at the same time and forwards it to me. Likely she would have started freaking out at a 2nd notice, (let alone 6) so I am confident that no renewal notices came our way. End result was "Let me have Jeff take a look at this." That was the last I heard on the subject (May 10). I've set a yearly calendar reminder, which I'll leave in place in any case.
  18. FYI I restored one of my POP accounts and sent test mail. The test mail showed up in the rr.com mailbox promptly, but it was nearly 3 hours before spamcop webmail POPed it. That's way longer than usual. Two consecutive headers: from cdptpa-twc-vip.email.rr.com [] by fetchmail.cesmail.net with POP3 (fetchmail-6.2.1) for x [at]spamcop.net (single-drop); Sat, 10 May 2014 16:48:15 -0400 (EDT) from cdptpa-pub-iedge-vip.email.rr.com ([]) by cdptpa-fep08.email.rr.com (InterMail vM. 201-2343-100-167-20131028) with ESMTP id &lt;20140510175655.FLQK12530.cdptpa-fep08.email.rr.com[at]cdptpa-pub-iedge-vip.email.rr.com&gt; for &lt;x [at]roadrunner.com&gt;; Sat, 10 May 2014 17:56:55 +0000
  19. Ok in that case, my missing settings issue is probably not germane to this thread. Thanks
  20. I've just checked my webmail POP settings, and they have all gone blank. I had 4 or 5 accounts set in there. However, I also lost all of my spamcop "Report Handling Options" the other day. I don't know if this was a result of the server issues, or because my account expired due to the lack of notices (see "Email account expired; NO warning" thread). Anyway, so far no one in this tread mentions looking at their POP configuration page. I suggest you do so, and check the "Last error" column. That is, if your settings are still there.
  21. Upon logging in to webmail I was greeted by a notice that my spamcop email account had expired. I had never seen this before, because I always renew as soon as the notices come. I've got it renewed now, but... Typically a notification is sent via email when it comes time to renew. This time there were no notifications that renewal was due on either of the two accounts I manage. Sigh...
  22. You don't say, but I'll assume you are talking about webmail.spamcop.net I'd always figured it was (in addition to the address book) matching to names & emails from the headers of old mail I've stored in various folders. I can't recall if I've tested this or not. I've seen other mail clients do this, so it seems reasonable.
  23. This has been bothering me for a long time. When I'm on certain public wi-fi hotspots, I won't anywhere near logging in to report via the webpage. I just stop reporting. I'd say that, plus using secure cookies, would pretty much be the entire point here. Spamcop is lagging behind the times on this. Probably this should have been posted in a different forum though.
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