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pgp support

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I'm very happy with Spamcop and have been a customer for a long time.

Today I tried to use the PGP support -- I can sign outgoing email without problems.

I imported a friend's key by copying and pasting from


to the textbox for importing keys.

Now when webmail got his name and email address from the key. But when I click details it

says it is an invalid key. I also can not encrypt email to him. This seems to be a problem with just his key because I can send encrypted messages to another person.

The webmail program will not let me delete Mike's key :-(. It imported it, but will not use it, says it's invalid, and will not let me delete it.

Please send clues!

Thanks! -Matt Payne




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1. verified key per your link, it verified

2. I can't find it (maybe from version 1 of the Forum?) but I would have sworn that way back wehn JT said there was no PGP support ... I don't use the e-mail side of the house, so seeing your description of a "box" comes as a bit of a surprise.

3. Though you might find it silly, there's only a gazillion PGP apps out there ... all you've done thus far is rule out the GPG versions ... so for someone else that may use PGP and webmail, you might wnt to casually mention what version, what build, etc. of PGP you're trying to use .. it may make a difference..??

4. I'm a bit confused at your description of "webmail imported the key" (ignoring the above) ... normally, any "importing of keys" is done to "your" keyring.

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