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  1. Situation arose in that some users had "subscribed" to receive notifications of new Posts/Topics into various Forum sections. However, for whatever reasons, they changed, dropped, whatever the e-mail address used to Register to this Forum. Unfortunately, the error messages involved went to an address that apparently has been 'adjusted' to ignore the spam. Haven't heard back from either JT ot the support person, but it seems an easy assumption that the other server reacted to all these 'bad email address' notifications and tossed them into the grinder. Unfortunately, that address is still used in other parts of this Forum app, and it was just brought to my attention that these functions are now broken as well. My work here .... cleared out the spool files that have held and caused the repeated attempts to send the notifications to the configured-from-day-one address. configured a new Group with much modified Permissions in hopes of gettting the attention of these users. modified those user accounts to move them into this new Group. Normally, a PM would be sent to advise these users of the actions performed. However, in most cases, this would also caise an e-mail to be sent to notify the user that there was a new PM. Note: the reason for all of this is because they have a bad address in thier Registration data here. Why start another cycle of garbage traffic between the systems involved here? So, if you log on and only see a couple of Forum sections, check your "Group" assignment, see the 'Bad Email Address' tag, ... fix the problem. You'll probably want to send a PM to the Forum Admin to advise that you have handled it. Noting for instance that one user Subscribed to several Forum sections asking for notifications of any and all new Topics, Posts, etc. several years ago, yet has only Posted here less than a half-dozen times .. and at this point, not having any idea how long ago the Registered e-mail address went 'bad' .... I don't feel the need to add another chore to my task list to notice that 'you' got around to fixing the problem. I'm actually thinking that in all likelyhood, I'll probably never here from you, as you have moved on, dropped out, whatever. However, just in case, this Announcement has been offered. I probably should add this to the Forum FAQ but it just seems so obvious that no one reads it <g> Follow-up depends on what JT/support has to say. Obviously, the 'system address' needs to be updated. Yeah, I suppose I could change it to one of mine, but .... it's not my system, I only get to 'play' here. <g>
  2. Just bringing over some newsgroup traffic, trplies to some complaints about current problems with IPv6 headder data;
  3. One would like to think so, and yet ...... ton loads of hardware still in use around the world that's not capable yet. (and let's try not to think about all those home/personal routers that won't make the upgrade boat.) Please see World IPv6 day which describes the upcoming 'test' for the world (and the current 'test page' to check out 'personal' issues at present.)
  4. http://www.fergusonlee.com/_mgxroot/page_10780.php?id=858928 Talked to daughter Laura again today. She's going to try to package up and send me some more background data, as their local paper has seen fit to make any access to their news/articles a pay-to-view option. I knew of a few things that she did in her 'free' time, but ... what an amazing list of things I knew nothing about. No idea how she managed to work 'us' into her life/schedule. Just a few things that Laura offered up in a short phone call .... she cared for the vigil candles at St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church for more than 25 years worked at the local food pantry volunteer for the local United Way volunteer at the local "Little Theater" volunteer at the Lawrence County Museum volunteer at the Bedford Boys & Girls Club founded the Hoosier Hills Armed Forces Families Association received a Woman of Excellence award a couple of years back Miss Betsy and husband Joe commemoratng a combined 36 years of Red Cross volunteer/staff service The couple had been selected to be the Grand Marshalls of a local parade (to kick off the holidays) .... daughter Laura rode in the car with her Dad As stated, caught Laura as she was heading out for an appointment, so this was just a quick list of what she could think of ...... how Miss Betsy found the time to do all the fantastic stuff here is nothing short of amazing. My relationship with her dates back to helping her through the configuration and usage of Outlook Express 4 (if I remeber correctly) .... she called on me to help recover the Hoosier Hills Chapter of the American Red Cross web-sire after it got hacked .... and then her involvement with this Forum and its associated bits. Believe me, I have missed her much for a number of months while she was fighting to get well. I have no doubt that everyone here will definitely miss her guiding and shining light.
  5. I just suspended a user's Posting ability for a couple of days due to what I'll call abuse of the PM system here. And with that for an introduction, this user decides to start sending PM traffic to a whole bunch of folks, some of whom haven't been seen in these parts since the dark ages. One specifically states that she does not want any PMs sent in her direction. By the tme I saw what was happening and went through the process, this user had already sent out seven copies of the same remarks and a further request for help. No idea how many more would have been sent had I not stepped in. Sorry, this is not what a public Forum is for or the way it's used ... and certainly not the reason for the PM function. Hard to believe that this user doesn't havre the time to actually try to construct a good query or make a single Post to ask the question that could be answered by any one of the thousands of other users .... but is willing to sit there and abuse the PM system and send copies directly to a boat-load of people. Again, some of the folks targeted haven't been live here in ages, so no idea just where he/she decided to start with snaggeing names to begin with. Yeah, yet another smug answer.
  6. Several Accounts have been moved into Banned status. Users involved attempted an "e-mail account change" action, but never followed up on that sequence of events. One chose to use a known non-functional address, so the corresponding e-mail to 'confirm the action' was never received. Others used a 'new' GMail account. Several advisory/request-for-followup e-mails were sent by myself and Farelf, sent from a spamcop.net account, GMail accounts, Yahoo accounts (attempting to work around any possible 'move to spam/junk/trash Folder actions) with absolutely no response from these folks. Could pretend that these folks set their GMail Accounts up to 'automatically delete' anything looking like spam, but ?????? Timeframes involved range from 220 days to over a week. So if you're one of these folks and are wondering why your Account was Banned .....
  7. Huh? Why would the source of the spam e-mail receive a report? Trying to guess that perhaps you are confusing the From: address with the IP Address of the sending e-mail server ... yet, even you mentioned the "even if the From: field is my own Domain" which made it sound as if you were aware of the normal mode these days of forged From: line data. However, guessing is way too hard and too much work.
  8. Actually, not sure .. your query/scenario isn't actually unambiguous unfortunately. Not sure. You have decided to seemingly include e-mail addresses, URIs, and Domain names. These items are not to be treated the same, especially in reference to the parsing and reporting codebase. In general, yes. The included e-mail address references will not be Reported anywhere, your From: address is generally munged, so the only Report recipients would be the source of the spam e-mail itself and the identified 'concerned party' involved with any (resolved) URLs. By using either checkboxes provided or going into Preferences for your Reporting Account, one need to turn on the Full/Complete Technical Details ... which will change the way the Parsing results are displayed. Certin results/targets will include a "Refresh Cache" option/link. Depending on the specific data, resource, and target involved, this function may work, may be locked out, may not be allowed for a number of reasons.
  9. And at this point, this would lead to yet another question, as it appears that there are yet more pages removed from the Official FAQ. You refernced the e-mail setup - POP page, but I now find that the page that one would find that page linked 'from' is now missing. I have no idea when that page was removed. http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/289.html s now empty.
  10. ok, here's the problem with that .... the only folks that have access to that page/server aren't into updating any of the information there. That's the basic background for the attempted single-page-access version of the SpamCop FAQ here, the several other attempts at providing other forms of FAQs and knowledge bases, and then the SpamCop WIKI ..... These pages are accessible from folks other than the 'paid staff' so as changes, updates, and additions can be made there. Unfortunately, so few folks want to get involved enough to help out in this fashion. In addition, the use of a SpamCop e-mail account is still basically advertised as a spam-handling tool .. meaning that the referenced page for setting up POP (and the IMAP page) are actually sufficient for that purpose. So it's not like those pages are actually deficient .. it's more that the 'official' SMTP link hasn't been created/provided, which woud lead one back to the 'not out of Beta yet' scenario.
  11. I can only vaguely remember the days when 6 spams-a-day would be considered 'a lot' of spam. Documented elsewhere is a threshold of something along the lines of a couple-of-thousand spam-submittals-a-day which would trigger an account flag that would need some dialog to straighten out. What else is needed for additional documentation?
  12. No. Not even sure why this question would be asked after all these years, not to mention the numerous existing FAQ and How-To entries that show many differences between the two applications.. There is no connection between Outlook and Outlook Express much beyond both being a Microsoft product.
  13. That was already done, link is peovided in the Announcement I posted in the Announcement secton ... one of those items I've been asking about in the "what's missing" phrases. See Outlook 'Foward as Attachment' no longer authorized !! Agree with all that ... a very strange situation, to put it nicely.
  14. If you don't have spam, can't use Outlook, what exactly is your question? Or of course, an answer to my last question might work also .... what's still missing from all the referenced data?
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