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Alleged, Implied, Perceived Rude Responses ..????

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Prior to posting your query that resulted in the impression that the Subject Line of this Topic has occurred .... did you look at any of the following data prior to throwing your words onto the screen here?

Start Here - before you make your first Post

What is SpamCop.net?

How-to Post a Question - Short

Forum Use, General Intro - not so short

How To Ask Questions The Smart Way - long/off-site

How to use the SpamCop.net support Forum

Did you try either this application's internal Search tool or the added-on "Search for -->" box that scans the Google indexes .... (yes, it is a common problem in that none of the thousands of previous posters here may not have used your choice in words to try to describe "your problem" .... but the point remains, did you even try?

Did you take at least a few minutes to take look at any of the existing Topic titles, Discussions within the appropriate Forum section that covers the are of concern associated with your problem? Did you note what types of questions received answers right away, as compared to those that needed more data, background facts, etc. before an answer could even get started? Did you note that although some of the words might be different, the general description of an existing Topic/Discussion may in fact be exactly what you were going to ask about?

Were you perhaps one of those angry folks that chose to Register to the Forum so that you could barge in with guns-a-blazing, spewing accusations, bad facts, terrible stories, and also not providing any actual and specific data such that no one here could even begin to attempt to check any facts to try to resolve your issues?

And after all that ..... please see Where to get Help for other venues, to include contacting paid-staff directly.

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