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[Resolved] Spamcop Says Mailhost Not Configured

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Until Mailhost is configured correctly SC is sending me all my spam reports to handle manually - but I thought that I had already done everything as SC sent me an email sayiung congrats the mailhost is configured. Now every spam I report on my SC webmail Held Mail is being sent back to me to report manually.

What should I do now?

I already had mailhosts configured but just added my gmail one today.

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I am not an expert on mailhosts or spamcop email. An ordinary reporter, once s/he is approved, uses quick reporting. In email lingo is that VER?

What I am thinking is that you haven't switched to whatever the email equivalent of quick reporting is so you are still having to report manually. Some people may want to be able to switch back and forth so it is not automatic.

Does that help any? I am not sure whether adding gmail would make a difference (or if it did make a difference - i.e. you were able to report non-manually, but now you have added gmail, you can't)

Miss Betsy

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