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What do I do now?


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I have received an auto-response from SpamCop for a submission of spam I received (and I have received another today similar in every respect, including a false opt out). I won't copy entire response as I do not understand the first instructions whice are:Use links to finish spam reporting ??? !!! NEWBIE

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So far so good. Just open the SpamCop autoresponder email

If you reported just the one spam, there will be one or two links in the body of the email, depending on whether you are a paying member or not. If you click on the one which is headed "Report spam" (or similar, I forget exactly) and looks a bit like


you should be taken to your own version at www.spamcop.net to review the parsing/analysis of the spam and the page will contain, in addition to that detail, a minimum of three buttons to send reports, review what the reports will look like or to cancel. The reports relate to the source of the message and any "spamvertized" websites found in the spam.

If you are sure it is spam and the proposed reports look okay, go ahead and send them.

You can look at the link I have included above if you like, to see something like what to expect. There are no send/preview/cancel buttons on that one, because the reports have already been sent (it is someone else's old one). Come back if you have any problems. I won't be here but someone else will answer.

You can report the other spam too, and go through the same process. The little devils keep moving around, so welcome to "whackamole"

P.S. Many of the questions you might have at this stage are answered in the FAQ: Parsing and reporting spam. Be sure to have a browse through the other topics too.

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