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Configuring Apple Mail to forward to spamcop


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I tried configuring a rule within the Junk mail handling within Mac OSX (v10.5.6) to forward mail marked as Junk to spamcop email destination. I get an error back, and looking at it it appears that the forward is stripped down. Is there any way to have Apple Mail forward the entire unaltered message?

SpamCop encountered errors while saving spam for processing:

SpamCop could not find your spam message in this email:

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I have used this AppleScript, and it works. You do have to manually select some messages to forward, and then invoke the scri_pt (using the scri_pt menu). You also have to make sure you do not send too much stuff in one forward (I think that 50k is probably the upper limit).

There may be other tools here, use the search box above for "AppleScript" or "Apple Mail" or the like.

I don't think that forwarding mail in the manner you have set up is going to work, because SpamCop is expecting the forwarded spam in an attachment.

Automatically forwarding from your Junk folder may not be wise (for instance, Mail might trap a non-spam message as spam, and this would be forwarded for reporting). It takes very little additional time to select the spam messages and run the scri_pt.

-- rick

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