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Commonwealth Bank of Australia Phish


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I'm so excited - I just received my monthly spam! Actually it doesn't seem a whole month since the last, but "Welcome" anyway. This one was a Commonwealth Bank phish - http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z2909576749z3...398e029e9e4458z

Not sure whether or not other CBA affiliates might be hit as well (NZ, Indonesia, HK, etc.) but this is a scatter-gun effort in any event, I haven't been a customer since 1968. Since the CBA hoax reporting address is not exactly prominent in Witch Bank's documentation, the following is noted here:


(Forward as attachment to



Incidentally, I'm impressed by SC parser's ability to handle eml attachments. I suppose it's technically quite simple but I was expecting an error, "Nothing to do" etc. but no, all gobbled up with glee.

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