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Just wondering, why exactly SC can't extract this spamvertized url?


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just wondering how does that work. so i submitted that spam (which is the only one which i get already for a long time like since jan, keep submitting it, but it seems like sc can't do nothing with it, i understand it's ok, that's just fyi) and got this

Resolving link obfuscation


Host lampwrite.com (checking ip) IP not found ; lampwrite.com discarded as fake.

Tracking link: ttp://lampwrite.com/

No recent reports, no history available

Cannot resolve ttp://lampwrite.com/

and the site works perfectly fine

that's the whole thing: http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z2980444296zd...1d80e6f0cb1e3fz

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just wondering how does that work.

Just wondering, how interested are you really? FAQs, Wiki entries, countless numbers of existing Topics and Discussions ... on and on ... have you looked at any of that data, tried to do any form of a "search" ..????

The parser did "extract" the URL in question in this case. What it didn't want to do is "resolve" it to an IP Address.

06/07/09 04:46:56 dig lampwrite.com [at]

Dig lampwrite.com[at]ns2.lampwrite.com ( ...

failed, couldn't connect to nameserver

Dig lampwrite.com[at]ns1.lampwrite.com ( ...

failed, couldn't connect to nameserver

Dig lampwrite.com[at] ...

Non-authoritative answer

Recursive queries supported by this server

Query for lampwrite.com type=255 class=1

lampwrite.com A (Address)

lampwrite.com NS (Nameserver) ns1.lampwrite.com

lampwrite.com NS (Nameserver) ns2.lampwrite.com

As usual, spammer is playing games with the DNS server.

06/07/09 04:46:41 Slow traceroute lampwrite.com

Trace lampwrite.com ( ... RTT: 70ms TTL:170 (No rDNS) RTT: 213ms TTL:170 (No rDNS) RTT: 239ms TTL:170 (No rDNS) RTT: 215ms TTL:170 (No rDNS) RTT: 216ms TTL:170 (No rDNS) RTT: 222ms TTL:170 (No rDNS) RTT: 215ms TTL:170 (No rDNS) RTT: 217ms TTL:170 (No rDNS) RTT: 218ms TTL:170 (No rDNS)

* * * failed

* * * failed

* * * failed RTT: 222ms TTL:235 (No rDNS)

Path from here sucks also. However, also noting that the web-server is sitting on the same IP Address as the DNS server ... not something done normally in 'real life' .....

The Parser expects to be looking for and finding 'real' data with a normal and timely response time, whereas your browser wants to make a "great user experience" so it stumbles past all these screwed up entries, timeouts, delays, on and on.

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