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What else i can do to stop spam?


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Is there anything else i can do to stop it?
In the near future spam is unstopable. The only way it will be stopped is when the profit motive is removed.

As far as what else you can do, you need to tell us what you are currently doing. If all you are doing is using SpamCop to report spam it will have very little, if any affect on the amount of spam hitting your inbox.

We also need to know what you mean by "stop it"

Keeping it out of your inbox is one thing.

Stopping it in general is another.

If you want a starting point, I would suggest taking the time to read http://forum.spamcop.net/scwik/HowIuseSpamCopRconneR - it has a lot of good information and links to more info.

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It will never stop. Spammers don't really care if you are reporting them they will keep sending you *spam*, which by deffinition is unwanted e-mail. Other than petitioning your government to tighten up the spam laws *spam* will never stop. Even with tight laws in place, it is the criminal element that fuels and drives that business, so it is unlikely they have any respect for laws. Personally I think it's time to direct our anger at the providers that allow spam to pass through their system, at least they can be easily identified. Clearly some have got the massage and are starting to clear up their act.

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