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Happy EOFY


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End of financial year 30 June in Oz, concurrent upsurge in bank transactions and I've noticed something of an upswing in banking phishes, tending in the main to target the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. Not being a customer, I was unaware of the concurrent DDoS attack on the bank's actual servers until seeing the news item CBA's NetBank woes blamed on cyber attack. One has to wonder whether there's an element of coordination at play here, a concerted effort? Someone's been at my account? Can't connect/transact via the bookmarked link, ooh, maybe I will try that helpful link after all.

Well, I've overestimated spammers before - hard not to be paranoid though.

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I thought it was just that the 419ers (the ones I am getting a lot more of) were either taking advantage of the economic climate (more people desperate for more money) or themselves were hurting because there are fewer big accounts to snabble and so were expanding their efforts.

I hadn't considered the EOFY effect, but then, as an individual, I don't have a special FY. And, though phishes might increase, I see no reason for 419s to also increase.

Miss Betsy

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