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McAfee AV 'glitch' reported


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Any McAfee users reading this?

I guess not - http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/07/03/mc...ositive_glitch/

IT admins across the globe are letting out a collective groan after servers and PCs running McAfee VirusScan attacked core system files, in some cases causing the machines to display the dreaded blue screen of death.
Thanks to 'Retired' at grc.security for the pick-up. Well, it had to happen, sometime, somewhere, whether true this time or not. Makes you want to run in 'virtual', doesn't it?
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We used to use McAfee at work, but recently changed over to Symantec -- just in time, it seems.

I guess this is breaking news, so we don't yet know how widespread it is -- I wonder what will happen when we in the U.S. go back to work on Monday.

I worked on a big job for a major transit operation's security system; they specified McAfee, which was duly installed. I'd worry about them, except that the whole job later went Tango Uniform, so I don't think it would matter if any of their computers got scragged.

At the time, everyone I worked with there insisted on pronouncing it as "muh CAFFy" -- I had to call their support line just to check (they use "MAC a fee").

In the mean time, I rely upon my own anti-virus measure: Mac OS X.

-- rick

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