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Request for a Dummy's Guide to using spamcop

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Hi. I have just recently signed up for spamcop as i am sick to death of all the spam i'm getting. I am currently using the webmail client and manually going into my inbox, ticking all the boxes that are blatent spam and then reporting it. However, this means that I then have to manually forward all the mail that is not spam.

Ideally I would like all the mail that is not spam forwarded to my outlook 2003 account and the spam dealt with automatically. Can anyone help me out here? i seem to be spending a large amount of time manually checking email and reporting spam. At the moment all i am getting from spamcop is the ability to report spam which is great but even then I'm not sure I'm following the procedure through correctly. Once i have ticked the box and reported it as spam is there anything else i should be doing?

Thanks in advance.


Moderator edit: edited title - Added "Request for" as the orginal title (A Dummy's Guide to using spamcop) was too misleading.

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Posted into the How to use .... Instructions, Tutorials > SpamCop Filtered E-Mail Account defined as;

How to Instructions Only - Problems and issues belong in the other specific Forum sections

Moving to the E-mail System & Accounts Forum section based on this starting Post not containint instructions, tutorials, etc. (Of course, also having to note that I am making a bit of an assumption that your "using the webmail client" actually means that you signed up for a SpamCop.net e-mail Account ...????)

My first response would basically start with the question of what research have you doe already? What was not explained? There are links at the top of the page that take one to the SpamCop FAQ which has a lot of data, both from the original/official FAQ and user-developed stuff here, there's the SpamCop Wiki that has had a lot of work done to get it populated. There's a ton-load of existing Topics/Discussions within 'this' Forum section dealing with other folks' questions, issues, precedures, etc.

However, you also have asked about the Reporting side of the house, which has its own Forum section. There is no "automatic" mode, because, as seen in the "Rules" you are the responsible agent for determining whuch Reports go out to which targets identified by the Parsing System. Again, will point out the links to the FAQ/Wiki as a starting point.

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Your situation sounds much like mine, so you might find my Wiki entry helpful: http://forum.spamcop.net/scwik/HowIuseSpamCopRconneR.

I have mail from several separate e-mail accounts forwarded to my SpamCop e-mail address; SpamCop then forwards the "good" mail automatically to yet another e-mail address I control. This way, what arrives in my inbox has been filtered of (most of) the spam. I still have to log onto SpamCop periodically to report or delete the accumulated spam, but SpamCop's accuracy is such that I generally don't find non-spam messages in this queue.

-- rick

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