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Cabbage dinner


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This can be cooked on the stove-to, but that requires way too much 'supervision' .. slow cooker is definitely recommended. Folks that don't like cabbage have liked this. As I have two slow cookers, differing in size, and the size of some of the ingredients is so variable .... actual quantities seem extraneous here.

potatos - brown, red, new, whatever's on sale

cabbage - medium size head

sausage - smoked, turkey, (I use kielbasa)


wash, clean potatos. Cut/chop/Dice into bite-size pieces. Place a layer into the slow-cooker.

Cut/chop (put the kids to work and have them hand-shred) cabbage into bite-sized pieces. Layer them over the potatos.

Slice the sausage into bite-size pieces. Layer them over the cabbage.

Repeat until you run out of ingredients or the slow-cooker is 'full' (Leave some space in the slow-cooker)

Fill with water to cover the contents. Put on the cover.

As usual, slow-cooker heating instructions are nebulous. A similar recipe suggests high for two hours, low for six to eight hours. I cook mine on high for about four hours.


as above, I suggest a kielbasa far the extra kick

minced/crushed garlic .... (lots of it <g>)

my last batch, I tossed in the remnants of a Wal-Mart brand lime-garlic salsa .. not bad

top servings with some 'good' mustard

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I tried this over the weekend and it's really good. I tossed in Miss Betsy's mushrooms and instead of all water in the slow cooker used 1/4 bottle of Pinot Grigio.

Thanks for the tasty, quick dinner that's probably going to become one of the staples around here!

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