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Microsoft and Yahoo dropping spam


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Everytime I get spam from a hotmail domain, or a yahoo domain, i report it in spamcop, then I send a second "human " report to them, with the headers, they reply within 48 hours, closing the accounts.

Comcast, Verizon, are VERY bad with this especially COMCAST, comcast never responds to any abuse complaints.

But if you get any spam from hotmail, yahoo domains, just use these reporting addresses



for yahoo:

network-abuse[at]cc.yahoo-inc.com (Took me a while to find, this really works!)

Just a few tips to help combat spam :)

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Thanks jyaniv - we've seen those addresses before but it is helpful having them all in the one place and it is indeed refreshing to hear of your successes using them.

Comcast - some suspect they're more about minimizing the blocking of their mails than they are about minimizing the spam through their networks. We assume a network should take care of the latter to ensure the former but there may be more 'cost-effective' solutions. In any event, individual Comcast IP-addresses are seldom seen as major spam sources these day and so the SpamCop BL doesn't get much of a workout for their networks. I'm not sure, myself, that their lack of acknowledgment equates to the absence of action to stop specific abusers. For SC reporting at least, the default user account setting is to ignore autoresponders. That can be toggled off of course.

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