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[Resolved] Possible mail-hosts problem

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Two related problems... I believe that there is a problem with the system as I tried reporting an email from my work address and it found our ISP's anti-spam appliance to be the source. Report URL is http://www.spamcop.net/sc?id=z3406137620ze...21c98750809bb0z I have not finished parsing it yet, as it appears that the "source" was mis-identified.

To that end, I have attempted to re-verify my work ISP, and SpamCop could not find an MX record for my ISP. However, when I ssh into my linux box at home and run "dig mx <work domain>" it shows FOUR SEPARATE MX records... Any idea what's up with SpamCop not finding the MX records???

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Handled by email. A new Mailhost is needed.

I suspect a temporary lookup problem prevented SpamCop from finding the MX records. The system worked fine when I tried.

Ok. Thanks. I'll check for your email. :-)

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