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I happily report all the junk mail I get but today I kinda had some type of response, which came as a mail from the "spammer" via spamcop (I think) and I'm wondering if I am supposed to respond to it as I've never seen it before.

Way down in the mail I see my original report and then I can see in the mail that the spammer has written the following;

Hello SpamCop user,

My IP Address is not spam host. It's mail server for e-mail
marketing activity
Please don't add my IP in spam list.

Best Regards

Kachornsak Puttisawatdikul	  

and at the top is the following;


Am I supposed to write something here? The mail seems to have come from the spammers email address, not a spamcop address

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Yes, you have gotten a reply to a spamcop report from the spammer (who thinks that he is conducting a legitimate mailing list) or knows he is spamming and wants to listwash your email address so that he isn't reported again.

You can ignore it or you can respond to it. If you respond to it, you need to use an address that is disposable (or one that you don't care if it gets more spam or is listwashed).

The only purpose to respond, IMHO, is to educate the person if he thinks he really is legitimate. Send him links on mailing list 'best practices' Explain that the email he sent to you was unsolicited and therefore spam and that you will continue to report them. It looks like English is a second language for him so use short, direct sentences that will translate well.

However, if you don't have time, then you can ignore his request - you have no obligation to unsubscribe, dispute, or otherwise help the spammer with the spamcop report you submitted. It is now his problem.

Miss Betsy

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