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Maybe this is a stupid question, but i dont find answer in faq :)

I have a question about spamcop notification. "from this IP sending a spam"

Where spamcop take email address to send a notification?

From whois?

For e.g.



e-mail: abuse[at]host.com


And spamcop send to abuse[at]host.com if from ip were received a spam,, right?

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Very basic answer from the FAQ: http://www.spamcop.net/fom-serve/cache/3.html

SpamCop uses a combination of network queries (dns, whois) to cross-check all the information in an email header and find the email address of the administrator on the network where the email originated. It then formulates a polite request for discipline, including all the information the admin needs to track down the user responsible.

In actuality, they usually use the whois to determine the domain then lookup that domain at abuse.net to get the preferred abuse address. There are also many manual overrides to this information.

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