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  1. The server is not down or you would not be getting that message. A server link will generally send a simple message to someone who should be responsible for the system. With the recent changes, that would be in question right now. Some part of the process is not working properly and that part needs to be addressed.
  2. I am getting the error every couple of attempts as well. I user the "contact us" link on the error page to report it.
  3. Thank you David. They may have changed something because my original testing was getting bounce messages from the Yahoo servers I was using for the test saying the spamcop servers did not recognize the address.
  4. Well, just figured out that this forum was one of the places that still had my Plus Address. Oh well, it's fixed now.
  5. As I said, I've moved everything I am aware of. This was only for any stragglers. I missed that conversation.
  6. Yesterday, my main address was bouncing with the same error everyone was getting. Today that is working but my "Plussed addresses" are still bouncing. --- Sorry, we were unable to deliver your message to the following address. <x+y[at]spamcop.net>: Remote host said: 550 5.1.1 <x+y[at]spamcop.net>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual mailbox table [RCPT_TO] --- I've moved everything I can find to another email address, but I'm sure I have missed something after using an address for nearly 10 years. All accounts I created to spamcop were created with x+company[at]spamcop.net to determine how my address was getting on certain lists. It was useful and I have worked with a number of address buyers and sellers, mostly in those early days, to explain why what they were doing was wrong. I need plussed addressing to work or there is effectively no forwarding for me.
  7. I am deeply disappointed in this decision as a long time supporter. My heart sank a little yesterday reading this message yesterday. I use SpamCop to collect all my other email accounts for a single collection point, to provide SMTP, and to provide many email addresses for various accounts, mostly the opposite of what I can now use it for. I second the above questions, though I may/may not request a refund and simply let the account expire to try and catch/transfer the many accounts that I used spamcop for. I will be using my ISP to collect my email from my various other accounts. I will continue to report my spam, possibly through a new free reporting account which will reset my reporting number from the current incorrect number from several years ago: Welcome, Steven P. Underwood (Home). Your average reporting time is: 6.3 days; Not bad.
  8. I am getting: [an error occurred while processing this directive] while logging into both http://members.spamcop.net/ (free account) and http://mailsc.spamcop.net/ (paid account).
  9. Here at home, I use Windows Live Mail and turning off the SSL switch allows SMTP to work again for either port 25 or port 587. This might not be a sloution for everyone, but I have no problem remofing the SSL. I will be opening a support ticket through webmail and giving them this information.
  10. Just to keep everyone here updated and to be fair, today, I have started having problems sending messages through spamcop's smtp server. I will update whatever I find.
  11. I continue to have no problems using SMTP either from home, work (when sending personal messages), or my cell phone. I use it every day to report between 30-50 spam messages sent to my wife's gmail account.
  12. I use CESMail SMTP exclusively on my computers (all laptops) because the network they are on changes often, as already stated. I just do not know anyone still using hotmail, msn, or AOL, so have not had any issues.
  13. Go to www.spamcop.net and login. On the web page above the area to paste your spam, you should see a line that starts: Forward your spam to: The next section is an email address to use for reporting. Paste that address into Mailwasher and you should be all set.
  14. If that server is ever considered out of beta, I would also hope that change would be made. For now, the information needed is in the link I provided: SMTP server: smtp.cesmail.net SMTP port: 25 (default) or 587 if your ISP blocks port 25 SMTP authentication must be enabled. Use your regular spamcop.net username and password you always use.
  15. Since you know the spamcop code so well, why don't you write your own parser with IPv6 working and we can all use your code and leave SPamCop behind. Sorry, but I am tired of everyone coming in here "knowing" how easy it would be to fix this problem when they have no idea what the code looks like, code which was self-described by the original developer as "spaghetti".
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