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  1. I am deeply disappointed in this decision as a long time supporter. My heart sank a little yesterday reading this message yesterday. I use SpamCop to collect all my other email accounts for a single collection point, to provide SMTP, and to provide many email addresses for various accounts, mostly the opposite of what I can now use it for. I second the above questions, though I may/may not request a refund and simply let the account expire to try and catch/transfer the many accounts that I used spamcop for. I will be using my ISP to collect my email from my various other accounts. I will continue to report my spam, possibly through a new free reporting account which will reset my reporting number from the current incorrect number from several years ago: Welcome, Steven P. Underwood (Home). Your average reporting time is: 6.3 days; Not bad.
  2. Since you know the spamcop code so well, why don't you write your own parser with IPv6 working and we can all use your code and leave SPamCop behind. Sorry, but I am tired of everyone coming in here "knowing" how easy it would be to fix this problem when they have no idea what the code looks like, code which was self-described by the original developer as "spaghetti".
  3. Getting closer... this was posted in the newsgroups... --- From: Richard W Sent: Friday, February 17, 2012 9:48 PM Newsgroups: spamcop Subject: Re: How long do IPv6 spammers get to skate? IPv6 parsing and reporting support will be in the next maintenance update (4.7). It's going through QA right now. Richard --- Thank you Richard for this update
  4. I run MailStore automatically from a schedualed task each night. "C:\MAIL\MailStore Home\Application\MailStoreHome.exe" /portable /c archive --id="1" I then have a command file I run from time to time (could schedule that as well) to mirror the files to the network. I have another command file to mirror back to C:\Mail so it can be viewed on any machine/account on my network. Sometimes it is a pain having so many home machines
  5. I only use IMAP connection to SpamCop and that can definitely select any/all subfolders on the server. I only use grab Inbox and Sent Items for my use.
  6. I just checked out the MailStore program referenced by charliedawgs and there are 2 versions. A commercial program and a free home version which also includes a portable app that can be installed on a flash drive. My current configuration: My wife and daughter (and soon my son) each have their own gmail accounts which they access directly either via web or IMAP. For archive (and monitoring of the children), I have their gmail accounts setup to forward all messages to my spamcop account, leaving the original on the gmail server for them to access. My own gmail account is set to forward to spamcop and delete since I only access the spamcop account everywhere via IMAP. I'm currently using the MailStore program to archive messages from my spamcop account and delete all but the last 30 days. I could have MailStore access each individual account, but then I would need their passwords kept up to date. The main drawback for me is that network storage is not supported. I wanted to install it on the hard drive I have attached to my router forming a NAS device but it comes up with a warning that only local storage is supported. As a work around, I installed the portable version on a local disk (C:\MAIL), archive the mail from there, and have a robocopy scri_pt to archive the entire directory to my NAS (\\fileserver\USBDisk\MAIL). I created another scri_pt to copy the archive (program and data) to the local C: of whatever machine runs the scri_pt so that my wife or I can access our old emails. I just need to make sure I update the network copy whenever I archive. The only other drawback which I have not fully investigated is that I don't think I can fully automate the archive as I would like to have it run once a week without needing to interact with the program. You can create a shortcut of the archive step on the desktop which brings up the application (thus the machine would need to be logged in). Perhaps I will add it to my login on the desktop (used only occasionally by me) to archive email and backup to network.
  7. We are going to have to wait for the new interface to be developed before we can know how it is going to work. It may reject just when forwarded which means even test messages will fail when you forward them. It may accept the forward then complain when you try to send the reports which means you could send test messages, though I don't know why you would. You will (as far as we know at this point) be able to copy/paste spam at any time. That is how I am currently reporting.
  8. That is the whole point of greylisting, the email/headers have not been accepted yet, so less traffic has been transferred. Apparently it will not work for you. The first things sent during an SMTP transaction are: EHLO/HELO (telling the receiver who the senders server says they are which can attempt to be confirmed by an IP lookup) MAIL FROM: (telling the receiver what the senders email address is) RCPT TO: (telling the receiver who the message is addressed to) That information, along with the IP address which the receiver sees is the information that is rejected the first time it is seen and stored for the retry. When it sees the same pairing a second time within its programmed window, it will allow the message to pass.
  9. Your choice, of course. Do you mean the sender will refuse to resend it? After the sending server timesout its retries, it should be sending a failure to the originator explaining the issue. I know that was happening on one of friends emails (Lotus Notes user). He contacted me through another friend and I whitelisted him, no problem. The issue is that case was that their retry was set to something longer than the SpamCop window was (something like an hour) so every retry was seen as a new message.
  10. Sounds like what my configuration was and as noted in October, I gave up then. Turning on the Yahoo spam filters (in new mail) and reporting directly from Yahoo (after switching back to Classic, spam filters stay enabled) the 2 or 3 I see each month is working for me.
  11. I gave up on it a while back as I have net been able to get it to work consistently. I changed all my Yahoo alerts direct to spamcop, switched to the old Yahoo Mail, and forward as attachment the few spams I do get there. There is a post in the newsgroups about this issue as well, stating problems with all different pop configurations, not just popgate2. I do not have any ewrrors on my gmail POP.
  12. So why open a new thread? This is being moved into the existing [Pinned] thread.
  13. It might help us answer questions of others who come along using old versions of applications. Too much information is never a problem, only not enough.
  14. Thank you David.... This morning I still had the same message and 2 additional ones. I have merked them as spam in Yahoo's interface and removed then from the Inbox and will test now to see what happens.
  15. Just to keep people up to date (and to get confirmation from others)... I have had a message in my Yahoo inbox since sometime 12:43 this afternoon and it still has not been picked up by popgate. Looking at my Popgate configuration page, there are NO errors being reported. Resaved setting has not helped yet. I have contacted SpamCop Support via the webmail Problem link. Is anyone else seeing this? I don't know when this might have started because I have removed everything (except direct spam) from using that address since the last problem.
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