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[Resolved] SeaMonkey 2.0.1


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Update from 2.0 received 16 Dec. Soon after (though not immediately) attempts to address e-mail in Compose resulted in application freezing. Addressing through main profile address book not affected.

Situation - Autocomplete enabled (Edit-Preferences-Mail & Newsgroups-Addressing-"Local Address Books" checked). XP-Home. Outlook Express had been used at some stage, address books included "OE Contacts".

What worked for me - removing the .wab file at C:\Documents and Settings\Admin\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book

(Admin.wab). Only had a couple of addresses anyway, long since duplicated in personal address book.

Caution - running wab.exe ("Address Book" under "Accessories") will restore a blank book there. That is enough to restore the problem too. Maybe using "Windows Live Messenger" too?1 Using Hotmail (sending) is enough to restore it anyway. But not, apparently, Yahoo. It doesn't restore on re-boot. Some small mercies.

I've seen reference to the problem in networked installations where presumably a Directory Server is checked under the "Autocomplete" options. Unsure how that is fixed (other than to disable checking there which is a "no solution" solution).

There is a 'bug' report lodged on this - https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=535528

Someone goofed at the Snicker-Snak factory. Oh well, only superannuated survivors of the Netscape era use this free application anyway, I suppose. One day we'll all be gone and the humus will be richer for it. <_< Ah, the pathos, the pathos!

[edit]1 Yes, signing in to Messenger recreates the troublesome admin.wab file. Sooner or later. Maybe it is after a re-boot. Underwent a 279Mb 'upgrade' to find that out, the bulk of which were for mandatory other applications, supposedly connected in some way. The curse of a murrain on M$ and all its herds.

I wonder how many people develop an abiding belief in the afterlife, not as much in the hope of personal salvation as in the happy anticipation of the divine retribution awaiting the sundry malefactors under whom they have suffered ungladly and for so long?

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SeaMonkey 2.0.2 was rolled out over the past several days. This effectively overcomes the problem wrt the "OE" address book - SM with autocomplete and with the address book in place all appear to happily coexist once more (Windows, local address books). I'm assuming VPN/LAN address book issues are all part of the same fix.

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