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"He's in the jailhouse now..."


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Our pal Alan Ralsky, that is. Missed this earlier:

Leaving a wake of over 12 years of criminal spamming and trillions of sent junk emails behind him, long time ROKSO-listed spammer Alan Ralsky is finally behind the walls of a US Federal Prison. After pleading guilty to multiple federal criminal charges, and after time extensions to "get his affairs in order", Ralsky reported to FCI Morgantown in north-central West Virginia on March 1st to start serving his 4-year, 3-month sentence.
Info at Spamhaus. They even have an address (postal) where you can write to him.

Weep not for Alan -- Morgantown sounds pretty nice for a federal lockup. In any case, however, I think we can rest assured we won't be hearing from him via e-mail, at least not for the next 51 months or so.

-- rick

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Thanks Rick, I think many of us may have missed it too. The vacuum of his removal was filled so quickly ... so much then for 'deterrence' but yeah, the world is a better place for all that, we must believe. Revenge is for barbarians, but that will have to do for us. I, for one, can live with the shame that the satisfaction in his fall brings, though his touch, in retrospect, seemed slight. May many more (though we don't know their faces so well) join him in having their assets and their freedom taken since so much more satisfaction is due to us.

Could there be readers 'here' already who hadn't heard of Ralsky? Perhaps - only fame is briefer than infamy when there are so many new notables of both kinds. A partial sampler of previous mentions in these pages:





Some of those who railed and fulminated against him are long-gone from these forums. It is a different world now, but not a better one. But that's okay too - we were all of us born to fight and 'the world' is constantly obliging of the need. :D

(The view from left field).

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