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New DBL (Domain Block List)


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Approaching 100% spam block: Spamhaus releases the Domain Block List Yet another tool is out there, managed by one of the leaders in the snati-spam environment.

About the DBL

Most spam contains a link to a "payload" or "landing" webpage where whatever fraud, phish, malware or suspect offer is presented. Those links are normally based on domains. Many receivers already use domain or URI filters and the popular open-source SpamAssassin has included them, highly scored, in its ruleset for years. While there are already excellent URI datasets available such as SURBL and URIBL, Spamhaus has tailored the DBL to work specifically in conjunction with our IP address based lists.


SpamAssassin is releasing a new version specifically with DBL support: SpamAssassin 3.3.1. SpamAssassin users should upgrade to 3.3.1 before using DBL.


Companies using the Spamhaus data such as Microsoft Hotmail, Yahoo!, Comcast and many others should soon be using the DBL data to help catch more spam before it hits their users' mailboxes. Spamhaus also hopes the DBL will be of use to domain registrars, registries and ICANN to help show problem areas of spammer domain registration.

DBL FAQ (including notes for users and developers)

And yes, I've sent a query about this (possible) update to the SpamCop e-mail folks

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