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Asking Questions the Smart Way


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Hi Wazoo,

Seeing your announcement [How-to] Post a Question (and prevent stupid/rude answers) reminded me of a set of articles which I bookmarked some years ago (I don't remember who drew my attention to it): here it is: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way. It is very informative (though quite long), I'd call it "the long answer" (for any mailing list, newsgroup or forum) to the problem your announcement is addressing in less verbose detail in relation to SpamCop.

Best regards,

Thanks for that. However, trying not to laugh too hard at present, especially just after responding to yet another user that decided to ignore all that existing How to ask a question garbage. The humor part comes from the fact that I referenced the same article in (at least) a couple of places 'here' ages ago.

Forum 'front' page

Start Here - before you make your first Post

Introduction to SpamCop.net services, tools, and support

Over in the Wiki

Where to get Help

But, a definite thanks again for the heads-up. Much appreciated.

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