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We dare you to opt out


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Got this message on behalf of Yet Another Stock Newsletter (tracking URL), they are honest about their address-scraping if nothing else (italics added):

You are receiving this email from SmartInvestorCenter . com because you chose to receive messages from SmartInvestorCenter . com partners on the SmartInvestorCenter . com web site(s). Please note that SmartInvestorCenter . com does not produce or endorse this product, and assumes no responsibility for the use thereof. You understand that by opting out you are transferring or authorizing the transfer of your email address to the advertiser listed below. SmartInvestorCenter . com has no control over how your email address is used by the advertiser or other third parties. Accordingly, SmartInvestorCenter.com disclaims all responsibility and liability arising from the subsequent use of your email address that is made possible by your submission of your email address below.

-- rick

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