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Cannot resolve error.


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I've noticed this appearing quite often, here is an example.

Tracking link: //[/i]discoverhiddenprofits.com/unsub.php?e=x"]http://discoverhiddenprofits.com/unsub.php?e=x

No recent reports, no history available

Cannot resolve //[/i]discoverhiddenprofits.com/unsub.php?e=x"]http://discoverhiddenprofits.com/unsub.php?e=x


So, the report goes to the Administrator of network where email originates but not to the host of the spamvertised web site.

But when I try to access the spammed web site, it does resolve.

So, it seems pointless to report the spam if the web site is just going to stay up without any complaints.

Have spammers figured out how Spamcop is checking websites and blocking them thus reducing the number of complaints the hosting provider receives?

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SpamCop sends reports as a courtesy and in the hope that the recipient will do something about stopping the spam flow. The primary target is the the spam source (sender network) and mostly they don't know about it and sometimes they act to stop it when they do know about it. If they don't there's always the block list.

When it comes to websites, they are not the main mission of SC for a number of reasons - but there are other spam-fighting organizations that will take those on and with more robust methods than a polite notification. Type/paste the link into the SC webform submission box and you get the same "No recent reports, no history available" message. That is not quite the same as not being able to resolve the ownership and abuse address. The website resolves to and whois.arin.net tells us the abuse address is abuse[at]ee.net. Put ee.net into the webform submission box and SC says:

"Reports disabled for abuse[at]ee.net

Using abuse#ee.net[at]devnull.spamcop.net for statistical tracking."

There are a number of reasons for disabling reports, one of which is the abuse address is the spammer/is under spammer control. They already know all about the spamming and they're not about to stop it when SC sends them a polite reminder that they're spamming. Worse still, they could conceivably 'game' the system to work out who reported them and use that information to 'listwash'. Or even, in time, work out some SC spamtrap addresses. That is not necessarily what is happening in this case - you can look at the FAQs and/or research previous discussions for other reasons not to notify, you can read the SC reporting philosophy, etc., etc.

And yes, they could be blocking SC queries as another possibility. But the "No recent reports" SC message doesn't seem like a response to blocking to me. I would expect the "(checking ip) ip not found" message would indicate that.

Long story short, SC notifications to spamvertized website hosts are not central to the SC mission and under special circumstance could be harmful to it.


Now seeing this message instead of the "No recent reports ..." one

"Parsing input: //[/i]discoverhiddenprofits.com/unsub.php?e=x"]http://discoverhiddenprofits.com/unsub.php?e=x

Cannot resolve //[/i]discoverhiddenprofits.com/unsub.php?e=x"]http://discoverhiddenprofits.com/unsub.php?e=x

No valid email addresses found, sorry!"

Not sure how/why it has changed but the rest of the explanation stands.

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