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setting up forwarding with iiNet - Australia

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Setting up SpamCop using iiNet, Australian National ISP.

0. Create a SpamCop email account, hand over your $30USD - lets call it fredblogs[at]spamcop.net For this example lets say your current email address is spammedbadly[at]iinet.net.au

1. Use the mailconfig toolbox to setup automatic forwarding of your email. Go to the page http://mailconfig.iinet.net.au/forward.cgi and login with the username and password of the mailbox that you want SpamCop to filter for you (i.e. spammedbadly). In the first box at the top of the page, type fredblogs[at]spamcop.net

2. Create another mailbox on iiNet's mail servers. Use the drop down `Create Mailboxes' on the line containing your connection product on the page: https://toolbox.iinet.net.au Note that you will need to wait a while before the mailbox becomes active and that the password rules are pretty horrid. Lets call this new mailbox secret[at]iinet.net.au

3. Configure SpamCop to automatically forward email back to iiNet. Login to http://webmail.spamcop.net using fredblogs[at]spamcop.net as the username and your spamcop password. Go to Options, SpamCop Tools, `Select your email forwarding, change your password or mail reports'. Underneath `Forwarding Address' put secret[at]iinet.net.au and hit submit.

4. Now you will read your non-spam email using webmail (http://mail.iinet.net.au) or your email program using the mailbox `secret'. Configure your email reader or webmail to use the From: address of your old mailbox spammedbadly[at]iinet.net.au

There we have it, you can transparently use your old email address and your spam problems will 95% be over :) . Don't forget to check your held email and configure your whitelists as required.

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