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OT: Need a roomie


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My wife and I are splitting after nearly 9 years of marriage... it's mostly amicable, but she's wanting to move into her place ASAP, and with her leaving me the house, I need to find a roomie to help with the rest of the bills besides the mortgage.

If anyone on this list is looking or knows someone looking in my area, please contact me off-line. I have a few requirements: 1) No tobacco use of any kind in the house. Dip/chew/smoke all you want outside, but please none of that indoors. 2) (goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway) No drugs or other "illicit substances" anywhere near! 3) MUST LIKE CATS :) I'll have two cats when all is said and done, with at least one being an "indoor-only" cat.

I can be reached via my SpamCop address (mrmaxx[at]spamcop.net) or PM me here.

Mod: sorry if I'm posting in the wrong area... didn't see a better place.

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