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No Reports Filed?


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The last few spams that I reported resulted in NO REPORTS FILED. This hasn't happened to me before today, and I report a lot of spam. Apparently SpamCop suspects a forgery and doesn't process it any further.

Is this a new way to get spam through without SpamCop being able to do anything about it, or an old way that never did have an answer?

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Hi, GBruno!

...Please help us! Click the red link, above, labeled "------>------> Latest and Current Announcements <------<------" then on the resulting page click the link labeled "[How-to] Post a Question (and prevent stupid/rude answers)" and review the text under the heading "The Details."

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Posted into the Forum section;

SpamCop Discussion > Discussions & Observations > How to use .... Instructions, Tutorials > SpamCop Reporting

Described/Defined as;

How to Instructions Only - Problems and issues belong in the other specific Forum sections

Moved this Topic to the Reporting Help Forum section. PM sent to advise of this action.

As I have been Reporting spam all day long, I have to agree with Steve. Insufficient data provided to try to guess at just what problems you might be seeing.

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