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orange.co.uk not accepting email reports?


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I've been getting the following response from orange.co.uk for a couple of weeks now


Thanks for contacting The Internet Customer Security Team. This is an

automated response; please do not reply to this email.

Please choose the most relevant form from the list below to report


To report email abuse go to


To report port scanning or attempted hacking go to


To report all other abuse go to


These forms allow you to supply us with all the information we need to

deal with your enquiry

Further information on reporting an abuser can be found here:


[removed the rest of the message as it is generic boiler plate]

This means that they're not accepting reports via email?

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Well, they're accepting them but it sure sounds like they're not actioning them. Their prerogative but if they had an ounce of nous they would simply ask SC to stop, reports for their netspace would then simply be devnulled and large multiples of Avagadro's number of electrons would get to rest easy. Unless they start bouncing reports, or ask for them to stop, SC will continue to send them. Such an autoresponse could be simply a miscue so I suppose SC would be hesitant about stopping reports purely on the basis of it being sent.

One thing though, I suppose you have your "Preferences", "Report Handling Options", "Report reply handling" set to "Forward replies from people and robots"? If you have it set to "Forward only replies from sentient people" then we'd better let Don know of the change so he can turn off their "sentient response" flag. IIRC they just get queried once "are you a person" and if they respond the flag gets set and in their case, obviously it should no longer be set.

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