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Fake registrar abuse reply


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Here's a puzzle. I just got a half-dozen or so of these messages in the last 24 hrs. All are identical and from the same server.

They purport to be a reply from registrar OnlineNIC to a complaint that I supposedly made. The thing is, while I have made such complaints in the past, I don't have any record of this one and certainly haven't reported any domains in the past "240 hours."

The mails come from a Chinese IP, and the header is forged with "mail.onlinenic.com" as the originating host.

Not sure what this might be; they solicit a reply but the reply would go to what seems to be a valid reporting address for OnlineNIC.

Anyone ever get this kind of thing before?

-- rick

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Haven't seen any such Rick - looks like maybe someone has decided on conducting a slight annoyance using your address. Some lame attempt to discredit or overload all complaints made to a responsive authority? Don't see anything wrong with the AREAFLOW.COM registration, offhand. Maybe OnlineNIC or one of their resellers is treading on someone's toes? Infinite possibilities (almost).

Interesting to see if anyone else has been getting these. If not, it becomes personal and that is far more interesting (for you). Don't see that much these days, as far as I can see, heeding the Pareto principle and staying away from the pursuit of diminishing returns being a survivor's tool and non-survivors erm ... don't survive.

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