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Requesting accesss to the SpamCop Wiki


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Brought here from a PM ... much edited

I work for xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx and we have noticed some of the sites we are hosting have a poor rating and have had issues with people spamming in the past. We would like to be able to do the score look up and other aspects of the wiki. Please let me know if this is possible

The SpamCop Wiki ws byukt as an alternative to the original/official SpamCop FAQ, which folks complained about as being to confusing, not up to date, incomplete, etc.,etc.,etc. The single-page-access-expanded version generated within the Forum then fustrated folks because it was so huge. Thus the Wiki. And to that, you already have 'read' access to all public information located there.

However, the information you seem to be looking for isn't there. Again, that was never the purpose of the SpamCop Wiki.

What I believe you are looking for is information developed and maintained by SenderBase, which is a subset of IronPort, now also owned by Cisco. This information 'is' in the SpamCop Wiki. Suggestion would be to head over to SenderBase.org, plug in your Domain, and do a 'Reputation' lookup. Looks like about a dozen "poor" reputation listings showing on just the first page, one on a BL.

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