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I recently had my adress book hacked and turned into a JoeJob attack, it stopped as suddently as it started after some work though.. it is still a mydstery to me how it happened but I know it came from Russian spammers I cannot stop no matter how hard I try.. This is an article I found quite interesting, enjoy:


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This is an article I found quite interesting, enjoy:

Can't help but point out the obvious here, especially after reading your (in my opinion, not so well written) referenced posting. In that write-up, the 'blindly clicking on a posted link provided by someone else' is part of the plan for these bad folks. For instance, your link points to a .php scripted target. That imples that working code is at the other end of that link, so there are multiple trust issues involved. Is the Post above really from "you" or has someone possibly highjacked your account and is Posting "as" you? Is the link Posted really safe, or has that site been compromised and the scripting involved possibly just waiting to see if your system is open to yet another hack-of-the-day? At least you provided a 'direct' link, rather than using one of those all too evil, nasty, and wicked URL shortening tool results.

Anyway, my initial thoughts were to edit your Post so as to place the URL into plain view, but .... noted that as displayed, your Post provided the perfect example of what the referenced link was trying to describe.

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