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KOI8-R charset. Add Unicode conversion for URL


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Not sure if conversion would help with those ones. Previous discussions on links in Cyrillic/KOI8-R characters noted a high incidence of "gaming" with DNS records. Looks like nothing has changed over all the years. What I see is:

"DeshevoKupi.rf moved to another domain OlaKupi.ru"

(which bizarrely came out of Google translate with no actual link specified). There is a deshevokupi.ru domain behind an active server too. Seems like they play by different rules.

Anyway do you want to add a request for parser development in the New Feature Requests? If so, will move this topic there but let's leave it where it is for a little longer should others be able to contribute more to the reporting help aspect.

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Not sure if conversion would help with those ones.

xComplaint V.0.12.26e (bash scri_pt) implement the conversion to UTF-8 and then (on Linux) all worked well.

This is the code:

   # xComplaint released as GNU GPL v3
   # $s is the index for spam.txt. headers.txt is the mail head only.
   # Test is conducted for UTF-8 support
   charset=`grep "charset=" headers.txt`
   charset=`echo $charset | awk -F\" '{ print $2 }'`
   if (test "$debug" = 1) then { echo Original charset: "$charset"; } fi
   if (test "$UTF8" = "1") then   # this OS is UTF-8 capable?
	  if (test "$debug" = 1) then { echo UTF-8 capable OS; } fi
	  iconv -t UTF-8 spam"$s".txt > /dev/null 2>&1   # test if already in UTF-8
	  if (test $? = "1" ) then   # need a conversion to UTF-8 ...
		 if (test "$debug" = 1) then { echo Converting to UTF-8 ...; } fi
		 iconv -f $charset -t UTF-8 spam"$s".txt > temp.txt
		 mv temp.txt spam"$s".txt

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Thanks efa - your skill easily exceeds mine. But the point is the target (DeshevoKupi.rf) has moved or is somehow obscured. SpamCop would not have found an address for the host even if the URI had been properly converted. In other instances going back years that seems to be the same story. But maybe not all the time.

A problem is that spamvertized sites are not (never have been) a priority for SC.

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