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User notes in spam submissions


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Most of my email is downloaded to my local machine (as opposed to being left on provider's webmail), my provider's filtering is turned off but NIS (sometimes) deletes malware attachments - but it stopped adding a note about that action in the body of the email long ago. I'm in the habit of adding a note about the identity of the deleted badness in my user notes to the spam submission. In terms of the discussion at:


... it seems that is not really necessary (later content may be deleted as long as the rest of the message is not altered). SC itself truncates anything over 50 Kb anyway and, if those attachments were not deleted by my security, almost all of them would be truncated in any event. I think I will stick with adding the notes anyway. It might benefit the occasional conscientious abuse handler - and my volumes are very low so no great effort required.

But thanks to all involved for the clarification. Incidentally - I forget what the size was of the "biggest" spam I've ever received (years ago) - somewhere around 2 Mb I think, not identified as harbouring malware at the time, but who would know?

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Thanks Steve, yes I had that in mind - I would classify malware detail concerning auto-deleted content as objective information not available in the bare evidence of the headers and body provided to the abuse desks and potentially of interest to them. "Commercial" spam is one thing but malware is a threat to the entire internet community so perhaps the elimination of sources might be given priority in some circles. The malware detail is retrieved from my NIS logs in such instances.

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