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"Human engineering" in phishes?


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New wrinkle for me:


Standard phish - though with the payload in a Base64 text attachment, no doubt intended to help scrape through filters - but the wrinkle:



Well, I suppose that might be intended to reassure some particular bunch of "marks" but surely those would also know that Malaysia is NOT an "Islamic Republic". Well, fairly close if you ignore a few technicalities, but many citizens there would be a touch disconcerted by that label, the present Yang di-Pertuan Agong and his prospective successors at the forefront of them.

Add in a drop-box in Israel ! Nah, someone is just having a laugh, surely? The mentality behind it is otherwise nigh-on unfathomable to me. Going after the "low-hanging fruit" is one thing but ... this is ridiculous.

Ah well, the street address is real, by the way - for Federal Express Services (M) Sdn Bhd, just next to the Florist. I'm sure they're thrilled.

Our friends at t-online.de are figured to be responsible for passing this one on. They are recently seen in another topic as not handling their transactions to the regular standard. Potentially making themselves vulnerable to use by abusers. An incentive to get back into the fold, perhaps.

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