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**** Please read **** email update #2

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Our current plan is to start the old email recovery on Saturday. We continue to prep and install new hardware and test it for stability.

I will post additional information as it becomes available.


I'm not happy about the pace of this, but it is much better to get some kind of news than not.

Looking forward to whatever information you provide as this goes along.

At some point, I hope someone will address the overall issues and what's being done to see that proper data backup and security protocols are instituted after this forest fire is put out. For now though, just getting our data back will be hugely welcome.

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Thanks for the update even though its slow.. I have missed some needed EMAIL and I hope it all gets back. I also hope there will be some kind of posting letting us know what happened and how this will be prevented in the future....

One other question... will the new hardware speed things up? It always seemed IMAP email was slow downloading mail.

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